Shipt Shopper App – Download Shipt Shopper on Android & iOS

Do you have a Shipt shopper account, or do you want to create one? Then you can download and install the Shipt Shopper Mobile App to get started. Shipt as we all know is an online service that deals with delivery services such as groceries and is part of the gig economy.

Shipt Shopper App - Download Shipt Shopper on Android & iOS

While the Shipt shopper app is a mobile app that gives you easier access to the platform as a mobile device user. The app is however free to download and is even compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Using the app, you also get to use an interface that is user-friendly, reliable, and simple to make use of at any time and any day.

Shipt offers individuals from the age of 18 and above in the U.S. The opportunity to shop for items as Shipt Members and earn extra cash in the process. As a Shipt Shopper, you can earn up to $22 or more per hour as well as tips.

However, to enjoy this, you will need to apply for an account via Shipt’s official website. Or the Mobile App. Using the Shipt Shopper Mobile App is more convenient and can be used to track your earnings on the go.  It is also safe and secure to use the mobile application across your android and iOS devices.

Want to know more? You can read through this review for steps and guidelines on how to use, download and install the mobile app on your smartphone.

Features of the Shipt Shopper App

Downloading the Shipt Shopper app on your device grants you access to features available via the www Shipt website. The app has a user-friendly interface designed to enable users to navigate through their platform. Here are the features accessible while using the Shipt Shopper App;

  • Apply for Jobs with Shipt.
  • Track tips earned after completing your delivery.
  • Create Schedule based on when you want to shop or deliver items.
  • Join the community of other shoppers for tips on how to provide valuable services.
  • Access the platform’s customer service 24/7 through live chat on the app.

You can access the above-listed features and more after downloading the Mobile app on your device. To download and install the app on your android or iOS devices; you can check out the next outline for steps and guidelines to follow.

Shipt Shopper App Download

In this section of the article, we shall be discussing or showing you steps on how to download Shipt Shopper Mobile App on your android and iOS devices. To download the app, you will need an Android or iOS Device with a stable internet connection to successfully download the app.

 You can download the app on your smartphones; you can either visit the Google Play store or your App Store to download the app. However, you can download the APK version of the app from any reliable Apk Store online. Here are the steps to download the app on your android and iOS device from Google Play and the APP store.

How to Download on Android Devices

  • Open your Google Play Store
  • Click on the search engine, type Shipt Shopper, and click on the search icon
  • Tap on the app from the options provided
  • Click on INSTALL and the app will start downloading
  • Once downloaded,  Launch and Open the App on your device

Download on iOS Devices

  • Go to your iOS Store
  • Tap on the search bar and search for Shipt Shopper
  • Results related to your search will be provided
  • Click on the App and tap on GET
  • Grant your iOS device permission to download the app
  • Once downloaded, Install and open the app

After downloading the Shipt Shopper App on your Android or iOS device, you can proceed to apply for an account to start earning via the platform. However, if you already have an account; you will need to sign in to your account to get access to your account.

Is it Free to Download Shipt Shopper?

Downloading or using Shipt Shopper App on your Android or iOS device is completely free.  You won’t be required to pay a dime before downloading the app on your device.  Simply visit your Google Play or App Store today to download the app. But note that; the app is only available for download for users in the U.S. This means; you might not be able to download Shipt Shopper if you aren’t In the U.S.