If you are looking for a web-based email that can be used to send and receive email from any desktop device using a web browser, you should read through this article as there is a suggestion for you. Shaw webmail is internet-based webmail that enables you to send and receive emails from any part of the world. Shaw web mail is so unique that when a mail is sent to you on your Shaw mail account, it is received by the Shaw mail server and placed for you to read in your mail inbox.

Shaw Webmail - How to Create Shaw Email | Shaw Webmail Login

Furthermore, you can store up to 100,000 messages in your Shaw email mailbox. Another fact about Shaw webmail that is has up to 1GB of space which is enough to send and receive emails. Also, having a Shaw email address is really great and it starts with your username and ends with @shaw.ca. Therefore, if you do not have a Shaw webmail address, you should sign up for one today by first creating a Shaw.ca account.

How to Sign up for Shaw Webmail

Are you interested in having a Shaw webmail account? you can create one today. The Shaw mail sign-ups essence allows you to create or register for an email account with Shaw Web mail service provider. However, Shaw webmail sign up is a registration process you need to follow in other to acquire a Shaw email account. Gladly, this does not require any form of payment. This means you can sign up for free today and start sending and receiving emails from different people irrespective of where they are. But to do this, you have to first create a Shaw account by;

  1. Firstly, visit the Shaw.ca website http://my.shaw.ca
  2. Click on the register now link
  3. Enter your personal email and password
  4. Click on the “create your Shaw ID” link
  5. Enter your Shaw account number and postal code
  6. Click on the create Shaw id

To Create a Shaw Email Account

  1. Sign in your My Shaw account
  2. Click on the My Services link and choose internet from its menu
  3. Scroll down and locate email account
  4. Click on Create email
  5. Create a username (trends@shaw.ca)
  6. Set a strong password
  7. Click on the “create” link

After you have completed your Shaw web mail sign up. You can now access your account at any time on any device you want to access it on. There is also a Shaw webmail sign in process for you to look through if you are new to the email service provider.

Shaw Webmail Sign in

Shaw email login can only be processed after the webmail sign up has been processed. However, Shaw webmail login is a process that if followed and the right information has been provided, you would be able to access the webmail account. Only by processing the webmail sign up would you be able to access the email service provider and its unique features. Therefore, here are steps you can follow or consider to process your email account sign in;

  1. Visit the Shaw webmail website
  2. Enter your Shaw id and password
  3. Click on the Sign in button to proceed

The Shaw webmail login is necessary because before you can access your email account to do anything, you need the login credentials. In addition, there are also alternatives you can use if you don’t want to access your email account via the website. You can use either outlook or apple mail to access your Shaw mail login.