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The concept of data storage and transfer has brought about the creation of various programs like web portal. What then discerns a difference in their service is variance in offers; features, how efficient and secure each of them is. For many years, people relied on email or FTP as their basic tools in file shares.


These, soon they realized are not as secured as they thought. was launched in 2005, is a speedy file sharing application made for home and official purposes. Since inception, it’s been known to deliver millions of files. By and large, sending and sharing of large files is made easy at all times.

There are times we just do not know how to share extremely large files. It is not even like they can be cut short. You want their exact sizes sent. An email could be a possible choice; however, it’s got some constraints. Sure there is a limit to the size of files you can send via email.

Whether it is media contents, custom software, business budgets, drawings etc., sharing big files across the internet can be a whole lot of troubles. All things considered, worry less and save the stress for something better.

This one of a kind file transfer app proffers an immediate solution which allows you to send, receive, track and share immense files on the move. SendSpace tracks every file so if it’s lost, it can simply recover such data. SendSpace upload lets you drag and drop files or browse through files on any device in its upload bar and email the file link to one or many recipients.

This puts an end to slow upload feature related with attaching large documents to emails. A recipient receives the sent link, view the documents on any browser and proceed to download.

SendSpace Features

There are endless feature options on SendSpace file transfer. It makes sure you are able to send any large files to your friends, family, workplace, in fact anywhere in the world. Tested and trusted; it has proven to be the best software for your workload. You can rely on it anytime you have a huge data to deliver. It accepts files up to 1.5GB; these can be saved and downloaded when needed.

Too, also, one can create Shared Folders, fetch and send file-links to any selected recipient. Deliver big files with the speed of light from the comfort of your home, office, anywhere at any time. Host a great deal of data on your SendSpace account amongst other benefits therein. By and large, the following are the highlights of the features embedded on SendSpace.

  • Send, receive and share big files
  • Upload large contents
  • View files instantly, anywhere at any time
  • Browse to select files to be sent
  • Delete or unshare files
  • Track downloads enabled
  • Mobile and friendly  interface
  • A wide range of contents such as images, audio & video files.
  • Send related files together
  • Deliver to multiple recipients
  • Freemium version
  • Scalable plans and Ad-free versions
  • Unlimited features
  • Supports Android, Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Android app
  • Users’ guide and FAQs
  • Online support

SendSpace Pricing

To enjoy SendSpace limitless service, there are two basic licensed plans. Its Pro Base option, on one hand, goes for $8.99 per month. This allows a user to send a single file size up to 5GB and enhances a 100GB direct download link bandwidth.

Pro Plus, on the other hand, is subscribed to with a charge of $19.99 in a month. Here, a single file size can be as large as 10GB and this user is also liable to 300GB direct download link bandwidth. These are of course few of the offers given to every subscriber. To explore SendSpace premium features, upgrade today.

SendSpace Wizard Desktop Tool

Download on its official web portal, the malware and Ad free SendSpace Wizard for your windows, Mac OS X 10.5+ and Linux devices. Upload large and multiple files, resume interrupted uploads, use the SendSpace Drag and Drop files menu, get automatic updates and lots more.

You can now access all SendSpace features through your SendSpace account on this desktop tool. Be that as it may, getting this desktop tool is free and secure. Much more on another ground is its user-friendly interface which almost anyone can operate.

SendSpace App For Android

Make your Android device even better by installing SendSpace; keep sending big and diverse files on the go. This mobile app lets you upload, share and download large files instantly. It’s available for download on Google Play. Therefore, access SendSpace features in another yet subtle way.

In any case, to use SendSpace premium service, a user has to subscribe to any of the above-mentioned plans. Although this file transfer program offers a free trial session which lasts for 30 days, there just isn’t enough to enjoy the features and thrills coupled with its licensed plans. Finally, visit SendSpace web portal to read its various guides to getting started with its service.