Selling Via Facebook – Facebook Shops & Facebook Marketplace | Facebook Buy and Sell groups Recently some people have doubted the fact that you can start selling via Facebook. However, it has been proven so many times without a number that you can actually sell on Facebook. As awkward as this may sound, if applied to your business with just a little trust, you can really earn a fortune. More so, you get to sell items faster and get updates and feedback. Selling via Facebook also alerts you and lets you know who your rival competitors are.

Selling Via Facebook - Facebook Shops & Facebook Marketplace | Facebook Buy and Sell groups
Selling Via Facebook – Facebook Shops & Facebook Marketplace | Facebook Buy and Sell groups

Now in this article, I will be showing you how you can sell via Facebook so that your mind will be cleared of every doubt. Also, I wish to assure you that this method is entirely safe and you are going to enjoy it every bit of the way. Additionally, you can also keep up your chatting with friends and family members while keeping an eye on your business. Quite advantageous, right?

Why People Sell via Facebook

There are so many reasons why people sell via Facebook and I mean by personal experience, you can also find your own reason. From personal experience, selling via Facebook has enabled me to gather more money and save for my future. Selling via Facebook is one such great way to gather money for college (yours or your child or relative).

Also, you get to meet new customers and buyers to as well learn one or two tips on how to sell your products. Furthermore, it is also a great way to meet new friends as you will find people who can help you and inspire you in your business since both of you are on the same field.

Is It Really Genuine to Sell via Facebook?

Well, that to an extent depends on you and the buyer. However, a safe way for you to stay safe while buying or selling is to pay on delivery. That way you will have to meet the buyer or seller and he would have to pay you before you deliver your product. If he does not have the money, you can as well take your products back home. The bottom fact is that you were not defrauded.

Ways to Sell Via Facebook

Like you might have already thought, there are several ways to sell via Facebook. However, there are some ways of which payments are required. Nevertheless, you can still sell and make an impact. The ways to sell on Facebook are;

Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace is the officially known platform on which Facebook users get to sell their platforms. However, there are some restrictions to this platform. What I mean to say is that it is not all users that can access and use the platform. You can lean more about the Facebook marketplace using the Facebook help center.

Facebook Groups, Pages and Timeline

Well this is a very simple step and I believe you already know how to post on Facebook. If you don’t;

  • Login your Facebook account via the official Facebook website.
  • Visit the group or timeline or page homepage you want to post on and click on the box indicating you can add something there.
  • Add your product details and the price you want to sell it.
  • Add some pictures to best describe your product and click on the post icon.

This way you should have already posted an item for sale and you should start receiving comments from people who are interested within twenty four hours.

Running Facebook Ads

Selling via Facebook by running of ads has been one of the most effective ways to sell, however, you are required to pay. To sell via running of ads;

  • First, login your Facebook account.
  • Secondly, click on the menu or dropdown arrow on any Facebook page you find yourself.
  • Click on the tab that says “advertising on Facebook” and then on “create an ad” from the new webpage.

Follow the on-screen instructions given to you afterward. With the above article, I think you have learned how to sell on Facebook.