Scottrade is an online platform that offers brokerage, investment education, banking services, and online trading service. Their services are not just limited to online services. Scottrade also runs a walk-in branch office where clients can walking as regarding brokerage and other services they offer. Currently, all members of the Scottrade has been moved to the TD Ameritrade which is now referred to as Scottrade TD Ameritrade.

Scottrade - Online Trading and Investment Platform | Scottrade Login is considered as one of the best award-winning advanced trading platforms. This is because of its quality online trading environment. There is also other advanced services and tool such as scottrdeELITE advanced trading section, Scottrade OptionFirst, Streaming Quotes, TD Ameritrade Mobile website design for mobile users and Scottrade Mobile Application for mobile phone users. This app is Run on top mobile OS such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry.

About Scottrade

Rodger Riney in 1980 is the founder of Scottrade in ST Louis in the United States. Rodger Riney later relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona when he met a new partner. They both started Scottsdale Securities together in 1980 and later separated in 1985 after he has moved back to ST Louis.

They were lots of changes and adjustment done to keep Scottsdale securities running. Such that Riney has to lower commissions this is to attract clients to patronize them. The company hit a huge success in 1991 with a total number of 15 walk-in outlets in the United State.

In 1996 got to the internet. It was launched along with web platform where streaming of online quotes to clients are done. After some couple of year, they launched their Chinese trading website which is platform.

What’s in Web Platform

This is one of the top financial institutions I have ever seen. That has a well organized web platform where users can easily navigate around and get the best brokerage services. A user can access online trading, retirement, online banking, product & accounts, quotes & Research and knowledge center on the home page.

There are lots more users can benefit from clicking on these tabs. Just like when a user clicks on the knowledge center he or she can select from a list of submenus such as articles & insight, investment education, and lots more. The same goes for other main tabs on this website. There are a series of submenu where you can find other products.

Scottrade Login

For a user who wants to login into their account, you can follow the below steps in other to gain access to their account. Logging in to your account is fast and easy as you can also make use of a PC Tablet and Mobile Cell Phone. But first, you need to have completed the sign up process. This is by creating a TD Ameritrade Scottrade account. If you have not created an account you can click on the open an account icon below the customer login icon. Let’s take a look at the Scottrade login step for users who already have an account.

  1. Launch any browser on your PC or mobile device
  2. Then, enter the Scottrade secure account login URL as in the address bar section of your browser.
  3. At the top right section on the home page, click on the customer login icon with a key sign.
  4. Enter your account number in the first feed.
  5. Enter your password in the second feed and select what start-up page you want to see when you login.
  6. Go through all the information you entered and click on the login icon below.

One good about Scottrade login is that users also have the option to select what language they want even before they click on the login icon. The startup page feature is also fantastic, whereby users can select the startup page they want as they make use of the TD Ameritrade login page.