Scentsy Workstation Login – How can I log in on my Scentsy workstation? Scentsy workstation is a web portal that helps to connect your business to all the services and tools provided by Scentsy.  And the Next question is ‘’who is Scentsy.’’ Scentsy also known as Scentsy Home fragrance is a privately held direct selling company that offers innovative, stylish, and customizable products of fragrances both for home and private usage. Scentsy also sells laundry care, on-the-go fragrances, incentive caring, and amazing products for men, kids, and ladies. The company’s products are supplied in eleven countries through a network of Scentsy consultants that provides support to customers and ensure they receive the right products.

However, the Scentsy workstation is one of the most essential business tools for a consultant. It covers everything a consultant needs to get the business up and running, including rules and procedures. This is why it is very important to log in to the Scentsy workstation. The Scentsy workstation login details will enable customers to place orders, track orders and sales, organize parties, and much more. Consultants will also be able to promote products and also do other activities once they log into the Scentsy workstation.

Furthermore, to log in to the Scentsy workstation all you just need is your consultant’s details and you are good. To get the login details, you need to first sign up as a consultant. This means if you are not a consultant you won’t be able to log in to the Scentsy workstation.

Requirements To Login To The Scentsy Workstation

Just like I have mentioned above, you need your consultant details to log in to the Scentsy workstation. However, what are these details? Below are what you need to login to the Scentsy workstation;

  • Your Consultant ID
  • Your password
  • Verified and valid Email address
  • A stable internet connection
  • Any comfortable device

To log in to the Scentsy workstation, you can make use of any device of your choice like a personal computer, Mac or Smartphone. Note, that without any of the above, you won’t be able to have access to your Scentsy dashboard.

The Sign In Process

Logging in to the Scentsy workstation is a very easy process and it does not require much at all. Once you have the above, then you are very much good to go. Nevertheless, below are the guidelines to follow to log in to your Scentsy workstation

  • Open your device’s web browser
  • Visit the website using any of these URLs; or
  • Enter your consultant ID in the ‘’Consultant ID’’ Box on the left side of your screen
  • In the ‘’Password field’’, enter your password and click enter
  • Now, simply click on ‘’sign in’’

With the above, you can successfully log in to your Scentsy workstation anytime any day. However, in case you forgot your password, just click on ‘’I forgot my password’’ and it will be sent to you. Resetting your password process is also very easy and quick to do.

How To Reset Your Scentsy Workstation Login Password

It is very normal for consultants to forget their passwords. But if you are on this table, the below steps will help you get them back quickly. All you just need to do is follow the steps to the very end

  • Open your browser
  • Go to the Scentsy workstation website on your device
  • On the login page, click on ‘’I forgot my password’’
  • On the following page, enter your email address
  • You will be sent your password reset link
  • Click on it and continue.

Once you get your login details, you can now go back to the page and log in. After that, you can now have access to your Scentsy dashboard. The process is very easy as that.