It is not strange that Roblox is one of the best gaming platforms of this century. It is a place where you can be a game player and a game creator. To be a game player or creator it is normal to visit the home page of the platform. It is the page that has the necessary information of the game you like, and you can choose any of the games you wish to play.

Roblox Home - How to Get Started with Roblox Online | Roblox Homepage

The home page is technically where you can choose what you wish to do with the platform. It directs you to all the categories of the games, where you can message friends, and where you can trade a Roblox gift card. While the home page shows you everything you want to do about the game, it changes every year because the home feed contains every new game that is brought to the game so you can purchase the one you wish to play.

When we are talking about the Roblox home, it is about the homepage. The homepage is the first page that welcomes its users when they visit the website. When you go to your browser, and type, you will automatically be directed to the home page if you have an account. If the user is not logged in nor has an account they will be directed to login. As a person who wishes to see what the platform is about it is natural to create an account and login before you can be directed to the home. Technically, the Roblox home is all about the platform page and categories of things you want in the game.

Roblox Home Login

The homepage also contains how you can login and logout of the Roblox account. That why it was said above that the home contains everything about the game. To be directed to the game page of Roblox, you need to login. However, if you have an account, you need or ask to login and automatically directs to the home page to play games. But if you do not have an account the below is how you can create account and login.

Sign up Roblox Account;

  • Go to your browser and search for ‘’
  • It will direct to the login page
  • Click on sign up using the above sign up button
  • Next, enter your date of birth
  • Enter your username
  • Now, putdown your password
  • Click on your gender
  • Now, sign up.

How to Login on Roblox Home:

  • Enter your username.
  • Enter your password
  • Click on sign in or login

Using this process you can login or create an account on Roblox. Once done with this process it will direct to the homepage. You can now choose any of the categories of games you want.

Roblox Home Games

It is well known that there is lot of games on Roblox. However, below are some recent games on the homepage of Roblox.

  • Adopt me.
  • Jail breaker.
  • Royal high.
  • Welcome to bloxburg.
  • Murder mystery.
  • Meepcity.
  • Brookhaven RP.

You can now attest to it that there is lot of games on Roblox. Login to the homepage today and play games there with your friends and family. The homepage has some games you might love a lot.

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