If you are looking out for an email service provider. Rediffmail is here to give you the best email services you can ever think of when it comes to sending and receiving emails. This service is brought to you by the Rediff.com web platform. Over the years Rediffmail is said to have over 95 million users who have signed up for their email service. With its parent company as Rediff whose headquarter is located in Bangalore, New Delhi, and New York City.

Rediffmail - How to Set Up a Rediffmail Account | Rediffmail Login

Way back in 2006, one of the best features of Rediffmail is its unlimited storage space allocated to all registered users. The parent company Rediff.com is said to be the first Indian Domain that’s been registered on the internet as of 1996. This platform offers various services such as online shopping, News, and videos.

Rediffmail.com Account

If you are new to this platform note that users are required to have an account in other to make full use of this service. One good thing about Rediff.com is that users need to sign up for a Rediffmail account in other to have a Rediff Account. Users who don’t have an account won’t be able to make full use of this platform.

Creating an account is fast and easy. Once you have created an account on Rediff you can always access Rediffmail from your Rediff.com account. I will be talking about how you can create an account which is the signup process and also the login steps for returning users who already have an account.

www.rediffmail.com Sign Up | Create a New Account

This is a free and open platform for all users who want to sign up for an account. Some basic requirements a user needs to start such as an internet connection and a web browser. Now let’s get started with www.rediffmail.com sign up steps.

  1. Launch any web browser and enter rediffmail.com in the URL bar.
  2. Click on CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT at the top right section of the homepage.
  3. Now fill in all your accurate information such as Full Name, User Name, Password, Mobile No, and lots more.
  4. You also need to enter the text you see in the image in the box below.
  5. Click on the create my account to complete the account creation process.

Rediffmail Login | How to Access your Account

This is an easy step for users who already have an account. You can always make use of Rediffmail Login steps in other to access your account. Note that only registered users can make use of the login process. if you have already created an account you can follow the below steps in other to access the account.

  1. You need to enter the web address as rediffmail.com or rediff.com in the address bar
  2. This will direct you to the Rediffmail login my page.
  3. Click on the Rediffmail login icon at the top right section.
  4. Enter your User ID you used in creating the account in the first feed.
  5. Enter your password in the second feed below the user ID section.
  6. Now click on the Go icon in other to log in to your account.

By completing the above steps you have successfully login to your account. This is a free and easy process for users to easily access their accounts.

Rediffmail Login Issues

Most users have really found it difficult to access their accounts. Most times when they complete the above step they still get errors whenever they click on the login icon. Here are some possible causes of Rediffmail login errors.

Most time users tend to enter a different username from the one they used in registering the account. you need to enter the correct username in the username section. The same goes for passwords. A user must enter the correct password in the password section before clicking on the login icon.