Losing a Snapchat account can at times be painful more especially if you are using it for private kinds of stuff. However, there is a piece of good news if you find yourself in this kind of situation. The good news is that you can recover Snapchat account. There are a couple of steps put together of which you follow will help you recover your Snapchat account. Whether you have forgotten your Snapchat account password, username r the account is hacked and you lost access to your account, you can recover your account.

Recover Snapchat Account - How to Recover Snapchat Account

Before we discuss the recovery of your Snapchat account, I wish to let you know of the fact that this article is only a review. This means to say that it is not the official Snapchat account or website but the steps that will be listed in this article can help you recover your Snapchat account. Hence, you will not be charged for any fee outside of your notice or even at all for reading this article apart from regular data charges that you will be charged from your network provider.

How to Recover Snapchat Account

Before you can begin the recovery process or your Instagram account, you should, first of all, learn what made you lose access to the account. It could be that you just forgot your account username or you forgot your account password. For some cases, maybe your account was hacked.

Recover Snapchat Account If the Password is Lost

Follow the steps below to recover your Snapchat account if you forget your Snapchat account password.

  • Launch the Snapchat app on your phone and tap on the login button.
  • Now quickly enter your username and tap on the “Forgot Your Password” button.
  • Select what you want to recover the account. You can recover your account via your email address or phone number.
  • If you select phone, enter your phone number into the space provided on the next screen and tap on the submit button.
  • Now you should receive a code or a confirmation link to help you reset your password.
  • Enter the code you received from Snapchat into the space provided on the screen and tap on the continue button.
  • Enter the new password you would like to use and that is it.

You should have successfully reset your Snapchat account password. Now that you have reset your account password, you can login at any time using your email address or phone number and the new password you created for the account.

Recover your Snapchat Account if you’ve forgotten the Username and Email

It might seem impossible to recover your Snapchat account if you forgot the username or email address. Well, I have got you covered and you can simply recover your account by following the steps below.

  • The first step is to compile a list of all the email address you have. The reason you might not be able to remember the email address you used to create your Snapchat account is that you have multiple email addresses.
  • Now launch the Snapchat app on your phone and proceed to the recovery process. Select recovery by email as your recovery option and enter all the emails you have compiled one by one.

Any email address that is not related or associated with any Snapchat account will read error messages saying “Email address is invalid”.

Recover a Stolen Snapchat Account

Now if your account has been hacked, you can use the password reset procedures to recover your account. However, it might not always work all the time. It all depends on the skill of the hacker who has made away with your account. In this case, there is one ultimate step; you simply have to recover your account via email.

How can You Secure your Snapchat Account

You can secure your Snapchat account in some very simple steps. The first step is to make sure you do not let anyone use the phone you are logged in. secondly, don’t share your login details with anyone. Also, you can turn on two-factor authentication. This will go a very long way in keeping your Snapchat account secure.