There are so many email service providers on the internet today. Some are known as webmail which can only be accessed through the internet. Although, some webmail provider does have an app where you can manage your email account. One of these email services is the Rackspace webmail. The Rackspace webmail is an email service that allows you to check and manage your email online with the use of a webmail interface. However, you must be wondering why webmail exists instead of normal emails. Well, this is because webmail is believed to get you easier access to your email account without having to install software on your device.

Rackspace Webmail - Login & Sign up for Rackspace Email

Furthermore, Rackspace webmail provides almost the same function and enables you to do almost all that an email client would. Which includes composing, sending, and receiving emails and also forwarding emails. However, it also has almost the same features as other email services like Gmail, Ymail, and other popular email services. these features include inbox, calendars, password recovery, setting and, many more. Before you can access all these features and perform all these functions, you have to go through the important steps which include the Rackspace email login and sign up which can be done either through the use of the app.

Rackspace Webmail App

The Rackspace webmail app is one of the easiest ways by which you can access and get to access your account using your mobile device which could be an Android or iOS device. But you should note that the app cannot access for any function without first processing the download for the app. However, follow these steps listed below to download the app on your mobile device;

  • Open your mobile device app store
  • Use the store’s search engine to locate the mobile app
  • Click on the app from the results
  • Tap on the “install” or “get” button to begin download.

The above-listed steps are however steps by which you can install the mobile app on your device. The Rackspace app is not available for desktops. Therefore, if you use a desktop device, feel free to visit the website. To process your Rackspace webmail login or sign up with the steps listed for you below.

Rackspace Webmail Sign Up

The first step which you must process in order to own a Rackspace webmail account is the sign up. However, the sign up very easy to process as only a few of your personal information required. Here are the steps which you should follow to create an account using Rackspace;

  • Visit the Rackspace official website
  • Scroll down to locate and click on the “begin free trial” button
  • Choose your apps
  • Click on the next step button
  • Fill in your necessary personal information which the sign up requires of you
  • Click on the next step button to proceed into the next sign-up page
  • Enter your account information
  • Confirm your account

The Rackspace is a paid webmail that you could use to run your small business. But the email service offers you a free 14 days trial. These would commence after you have processed the Rackspace webmail sign up. However, after they sign up, the next step which you should take. In order to have access to your account is the Rackspace webmail login.

Rackspace Webmail Login

Without processing the email login, you would not be able to access your Rackspace webmail account. However, to process the email login either via the Rackspace webmail mobile app or the website. Steps would be listed for you which you should follow. These steps include;

Rack space Email Login via Website

  • Visit the Rackspace email login page
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Click on the login button

Rackspace Login Email App

  • Install the Rackspace mobile app
  • Open the app
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click on the log in button
  • Or to login with your organization’s credentials click on the link below the login button
  • Enter an identity provider
  • Click on the submit button and follow the rest instruction by providing the correct information required of you

In order for you not to have to provide your login credentials next time you want to login to your webmail account. you should click on the save credentials box to save your account to your personal device in case of next time. In conclusion, you can also rest your Rackspace webmail password. If forgotten when trying to process the Rackspace login. By clicking on the forgotten password link and providing the information required of you in order to recover your account.