Quora is a web platform that deals with asking questions and answers. This helps users to improve and grow their knowledge by finding the answers to their questions. It is a web platform where users can get answers to questions that are difficult for other users around them to answer.


Quora.com was founded in early June 2009. The web portal was made available to the public in June 21, 2010. Most users see Quora.com as the most reliable web platform where questions are asked and answers are gotten for the questions asked. Quora headquarters is based in Palo Alto, California, United States of America.

Features Of Quora

Quora.com has many wonderful features which make it fun to use. It allows users to share ideas together with other users by editing questions, suggesting edits to other users’ answers and questions. This makes it a socializing media platform for all it users. Here are some amazing features.

  1. Users get to register with their real names rather than fictitious names, making identification easy.
  2. As a registered user you can login with Google or Facebook account using the Open ID protocol.
  3. Quora allow users to up vote or down vote answers, suggest edits to show what other user feel about the answer given a user.
  4. This portal has its own algorithm which ranks answers given by users, which works similarly like google page works.
  5. Users get to ask question they care about and get correct and amazing answers.

Quora also has a mobile app that is very easy to use and navigate. Users can achieve their aim to share and improve on the world’s knowledge. Attaching a voting system to the site which enables users to rate the answers given to questions asked.

Main menu Sections of Quora

Quora is a very fun-to-use website, it is very easy to navigate mostly when you are making use of the web platform. Users can operate and handle it easily without difficulty or any major challenges. The categories in the main menu section are.

Users get information about the latest trending news and blogs, which makes it a very effective way of getting information. Users can also select bookmarked topics on the Read category.

Answer to questions asked by other users can be viewed and gotten in this category. Users can get to comment on different questions answered.

Answers to questions asked by users in the Quora web platform. When sent to users can be viewed in the Notification category in the main menu section.

Users edit and update their Profiles, write short descriptions about themselves, and view recent answers they have given to other users’ questions when they click on their Profiles in the main menu. Also, users can view their followers and messages sent to them in this category.

Quora Sign Up

To enjoy the service user has to create an account on this portal. This is known as the Quora Sign Up where user we have to enter his or her account information. This allows users to get access to the website and even the mobile app to enjoy all the services on Quora.com web portal. Here are the steps to follow in other to Sign Up for an account.

  • Launch your web browser and enter the URL as www.quora.com in the URL bar. Or you can download the app directly from play store.
  • You can sign up use Google or Facebook account when you click on the icon. Click on continue With Email to access the Sign up page.
  • Fill your Full name, email and your desired password the appropriate section.
  • Click on the small box beside to prove you are not a robot. A popup image with questions will appear. Answer the question by selecting the images required and click on the verify button.
  • Now click on the sign up icon to complete the sign up process.

A confirmation request will be sent to your email.  Go to your email box and click on the confirmation link. Immediately your account will be successfully confirmed and created. You can start selecting up your account by selecting what your interests is on the welcome screen.

Quora Log In

For users to get access to their Quora account they have to pass through the login process. The Quora Login process is a passway where users enter their details to access their accounts. These are the step to follow to Login Quora.com web or mobile app platform.

  • Launch your web browser and enter the URL as www.quora.com in the URL bar. Or you can download the app directly from play store.
  • Click on the Login button in the popup menu.
  • Enter your registered email and correct password in the required boxes.
  • Click on the login button and immediately you will be logged in.

This is a process only for users who have completed the signup process. So to avoid login difficulties and issues users has to complete the sign up process.