How can I create QQ Mail or who can create a QQ email account? When looking for an email service provider, what comes to mind are Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook. Although, according to statistics and reports, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook Mail are the top most widely used email services worldwide with millions of users to each email. This email functions in popular countries like America, United Kingdom, and more but not in China. China has a separate email account use in communicating and unlocking other Chinese services that include WeChat, Baidu, and more known as the QQ Mail.

QQ Mail - How to Create a QQ Email Account | QQ Mail Login

QQ Mail is a Chinese email similar to the likes of Gmail and Yahoo Mail where you can use to communicate with friends and families. China is very strict with the use of it services that included the search engine, advertising platform, social networking site, and also email. If you’re not in China and you don’t have a Chinese number, it’s very difficult to open or access any Chinese services. For instance, the Baidu webmaster, WeChat, and more requires either a Chinese number or an email account.  Check out the headline if you can create a QQ email account.

How to Create a QQ Mail Account

First of all, here is how a QQ mail looks like when you successfully create one. Like I mentioned earlier, there are limited countries in which QQ Mail registration is available. This includes Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Laotian. Plus, you need an active or valid phone number for the QQ email sign up. Follow this instruction to create a QQmail account:

  1. Go to QQ Mail sign up page.
  2. Enter a nickname for your email.
  3. Create a strong password that requires no space, 6-10 characters, and symbols.
  4. Select your country code and enter your phone number.
  5. Then, click Sign up now.

In other to complete the QQ Mail registration, you need to verify your mobile phone number. Using the mobile phone QQ to scan the code allows you to activate your email account. Therefore, you can complete the QQMail registration by downloading the Mobile QQ.

How to Login to QQ Mail Account

For existing users, meaning, if you already have a QQMail account that includes your email address and password, you can visit the QQ Mail login page to sign in to QQMail. Keep in mind, for users that went through the process QQ international sign up with email. Meaning users outside China can also use the following step below to enable your QQMail service.

  • Go to the QQ Mail login page.
  • Enter your QQ email or mobile.
  • Enter your QQ Password.
  • Finally, click Sign In.

Another option in which you can use to sign in to your QQMail account is the Quick Sign-in by using the Mobile QQ. All you need to do is scan the QR code on the page using the Mobile QQ, and this will automatically sign in to your email account.

How to Download the QQMail App

The QQMail app is one of the easiest tools where you can manage your emails which includes not only QQ Mail but also Yahoo Mail, Outlook Mail, Gmail, and more. The QQmail app gives you a convenient experience where you can receive instant email notifications and also access new emails. Download the QQMail app for Android and iPhone using this step:

  • Open the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.
  • Search for QQMail on the search bar.
  • Click Enter or on the app logo.
  • Finally, click Get or Install to download.

In conclusion, when setting up your email, you can also use the step to download the Mobile QQ to be able to scan the QR code to verify your account. For the QQ Mail app, you can set up the email app by either signing in or signing up.