The use of emails has become very common amongst people as it makes it easier to deliver important mails and also to reach out to family, friends, loved ones, and business practitioners for important business deals. Introducing the QQ email which is a Chinese email that allows you to communicate with people in China and also outside where QQ Mail is accessible. Generally, QQ is an instant messaging software service and also a web portal that was developed in China by the Chinese tech giant Tencent. It is available in different languages and also QQ services is expanded across online games, microblogging, music, shopping, email, group, and voice chat program. But in this article, the QQ mail would be discussed. Therefore, read further to know what it is about.

QQ Email - How to Create a QQ Email | QQ Mail Login

QQ mail is an email service provided by Tencent QQ along with other services which help keep you in touch with family, friends, loved ones, business partners, and others you want to stay in touch. QQ email enables you to serve the main purpose of creating an email address like other email services. This Yahoo mail, google mail, outlook, and others. At the same time, this ables you to access various Chinese services that require a Chinese email. That includes WeChat, Baidu webmaster, KuGou, QQ Music, and more. However, to access the QQ email, there are two processes that must be done which are QQ email login and QQ email sign up. Interested in having a QQ mail account read the next subheading to guide you on how to process the QQ email sign up.

QQ Email sign up

The QQ email sign up is a registration process that must be followed to be among the QQ mail users. The QQ mail sign up is a registration done only once except you want to have another QQ email account. QQ email sign up is one of the necessary things that must be done before you can process the QQ mail login. Here are the steps to process the QQ email sign up;

  1. Visit the QQ email website @
  2. Click on the sign-up link
  3. Enter your nickname/name and password
  4. Select your country mobile code and enter your phone number
  5. Then click on the “sign up now” link

After clicking on the sign up now link, you would be asked to verify your phone number by scanning your phone number on the QQ scanner. This is to register your phone number with QQ. How to go about the scan? Download the mobile QQ on your mobile device and scan the QQ QR code with the scanner. After successfully processing the QQ mail sign up, you can now process the QQ email login.

QQ Mail Login

The QQ mail login, one of the main and important processes which help to secure your account. As well as, allows you to access your email account to access the features of the QQ email. However, if you are new to the use of QQ mail and have created an account but do not know how to go about the QQ login process. Here are steps for you to follow to successfully process the QQ mail login;

  1. Visit the QQ login page @
  2. Enter your QQ Mail or mobile number
  3. Type in your QQ password in the space provided for it
  4. Click on the sign in button

Aside from the above-listed steps, there is a quicker way to log in using the QR code scanner. To go about this, click on the Quick sign in link, then using the mobile QQ, sign the QR code on the website to enter into your QQ mail account. And to use the QQ mobile, you have to first install it on your mobile device.

QQ Mobile

The QQ mobile, an app for mobile devices that helps you communicate, scan to log in or sign up on the QQ website and also do a lot. The QQ mobile app, due to the fact that the QQ is a Chinese service. The written content on the QQ mobile is all in the Chinese language. It might be a bit difficult to understand nor translate. But if you know how to access the QQ mobile. Here are steps by which you can download the QQ app;

  1. Open your mobile device app store.
  2. Using the search engine, locate the QQ mobile app.
  3. Click on the app from the result.
  4. Then Tap on the “install” or “Get” button.

After your download is complete, you can now start using the QQ mobile to scan QQ QR codes to use the QQ website to process the QQ mail login or the QQ mail sign up. You can now start enjoying all the features of the QQ mail.