How can I access my ProtonMail account or how do I login to my ProtonMail email account? Learn the simple procedures that enable you to login to your ProtonMail account. First of all, ProtonMail login is an encrypted secure access portal where you can login to access your email account. When logging into ProtonMail, you’re required to provide verification details that include your Username and Password. Keep in mind, you must be a registered member of ProtonMail before you can be able to authenticate access to your email account.

ProtonMail Login -  Login to ProtonMail Email Account | ProtonMail Sign in

Furthermore, ProtonMail is one of the most powerful and encrypted email services provided that offers end-to-end encrypted email service in other to protect information on your email account. In terms of secure email services provider, ProtonMail serves as the top-notch unlike other email service provider like Gmail, AOL, and Outlook Mail. Likewise, the ProtonMail login comes with additional security provided been set by individual. Login to ProtonMail to secure your email contents, organize your emails, send & receive messages, and lots more.

How to Login to my ProtonMail Account

Login to ProtonMail email account is accessible via PC and also on the mobile app. One of the factors of logging into your email account is that it helps to keep your account active from being deactivated. Plus, you can view activities whether someone has login to your email account. here are the steps in which you can use to login to the ProtonMail website.

  1. Go to on your browser.
  2. At the right corner of the page click, Log In.
  3. Then, enter your Username and Password.
  4. Next, click Login.

Afterward, you can wait a little while to recognize your ID and password. Once completed, you’ll be directed to your email account. however, if you added another verification, you can simply follow the guideline on your screen.

How to Login to the ProtonMail App

ProtonMail comes with a secret email app suitable for android & iPhone users which make it easier to use the email encryption services on your mobile device. The ProtonMail app is integrated with easy-to-use feature in making the most out of the email service. Here is the following process to login to ProtonMail app:

  1. Firstly, download the ProtonMail app from your device app store.
  2. Click Download, Install or Get to have the app active on your device.
  3. Then, click Login to existing users.
  4. Enter your Username and Password.
  5. Lastly, click Login.

That’s all you need to login to the mobile app on your devices. Right from the ProtonMail app, you can start receiving emails, sending emails to friend, organize your emails and lots more directly from the mobile devices.

Common ProtonMail Login Problems | How to Fix

Incorrect Password

For users with incorrect password problem, you can simply visit the ProtonMail sign in page and click Get Help. Afterward, you can select Reset Password to recover your email account password. Next, enter your ProtonMail username and recovery email to reset your password.

Incorrect Email or Username

You can use the same guideline by visiting the Get Help page, and select Forgot Username. Afterward, you can provide a recovery email your provided during your email account set up in other to receive your username via Email.