Private Jet Rental – How Much Does Renting a Private Jet Cost

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Are you finding it difficult to purchase your very own private jet? Well, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Moreover, there are always alternatives to certain things and private jets are no exception. So, what if you can not purchase your private jet well you can always rent one. Therefore. I will be taking you into the course on private jet rental. What’s more, a private jet rental is very easy and it also cost less unlike when you want to buy a brand new one. Furthermore, Private Jet Rental is also known as Private Jet Charter and you can perform this process online.

Private Jet Rental - How Much Does Renting a Private Jet Cost

Besides, there are a lot of online airline companies that allow businessmen and women to rent an airplane or jet. Moreover, the prices are also affordable as well. So, if you need to move around more frequently, you can just hire a private jet to your destined location. However, certain rules guide private jet chartering. Some of the factors include the season, your route, the hourly rate, and many more. Therefore, if you want to learn the rules behind this process, then keep reading.

What Is Cost Per Hour?

I am sure that you are widely aware that when chartering a jet, you will be charged per hour. The average cost of renting a jet is between the range of $1,200 and $12,000 hourly.

But the cost of renting a private jet differs especially when it comes to the type of airplane you want to charter. So, in this section below, I will be helping you with full detail of how much it will cost you to rent these types of jets:

Jet TypeCost For Rent Per HourNumber Of PassengersSpeed (KTAS)Cabin Height (ft)
Very Light Jets$2,200 – $2,4002 – 4330 -3204.2 – 4.9
Light Jets$26,00 – $3,1006 – 7308 – 4924.1 – 5.0
Super Light Jets$3,000 – $3,5007 – 8383 – 4654.1 – 5.0
Midsize Jets$3,200 – $4,3008 – 9374 – 4704.8 – 5.9
Super Midsize Jets$4,300 – $6,0008 – 10375 – 5305.7 – 6.3
Large Jets$5,600 – $8,00010 – 16485 – 5135.9 – 6.2
Ultra Long Range Jets$8,000 – $11,00012 – 16368 – 5166.0 – 6.4
VIP Airliners$16,000 – $23,00016 – 50469 – 4856.5 – 7.3
Helicopters$1,700 – $2,5003 – 696 – 1903.9 – 6.0

How To Rent A Private Jet

Renting or chartering a private jet is very easy. Moreover, if you have a particular type of jet you wish to charter and a certain company that you would like to work with, this will be 2x easier. This is the step you need to perform this action:

  • First, choose a company.
  • After you have chosen a company, you can check out if they have an app.
  • If they do, feel free to download it.
  • Once you do, sign up, or if you are an existing customer, you log in with your details.
  • Next, after creating an account, then you can proceed to rent a jet.

Since companies have their unique website or app structure, follow the steps or instructions you find to successfully charter a jet. Now you do not have to miss out on anything. For instance, skydiving or even a business trip.

Private Jet Rental App

Since various companies offer jet renting services, some of them provide users with the best app for their convenience. In other words, you can book or rent a private jet just by using their mobile app.

Moreover, some of these apps are available on Google Play Store and App Store. So, this means that your Android and iOS devices are compatible. Therefore, instead of going through the stress of visiting their website, all you need do is download their app on your smartphone.

Private Jet Rental Companies

As mentioned before, there are a lot of companies that allow you to charter jets and airplanes from the comfort of your home. Some of the best that you can try out when you need to rent a jet include:

  • Sentient Jet.
  • Verijet.
  • XO.
  • Wheels Up.
  • VistaJet.
  • NetJets.
  • Flexjet.
  • Surf Air.
  • Tradewind.
  • Blade.
  • FlyExclusive.
  • Jet Edge.

And many more. Moreso, some of these companies mentioned offer luxurious services. So, if you are looking to enjoy luxury while you fly, check them out today.