Priceline Rewards – How to Activate my Barclaycard

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What is Priceline Rewards all about? On the contrary, Priceline is the official website of Priceline Rewards Visa Card where you can activate the Card. In addition, this page helps you understand the benefit that comes with the card, Rates, Rewards, and more. In this review, therefore, we shall be discussing How to Activate your Priceline Rewards Card. How to apply for a card and every other thing you need to know about the Card.

Priceline Rewards - How to Activate my Barclaycard
Priceline Rewards – How to Activate my Barclaycard

 In the meantime, Priceline Rewards is issued by Barclays Bank to provide its users with exclusive deals and benefits. With Priceline Rewards Visa Credit Card, customers can get access to different discounts, earn points and redeem points for statement credits. However, it is vital for you to visit www Priceline Rewards to activate the card before you can enjoy all benefits and features. But first, check out the next outline for some of the benefits that come with using the card.

Why you need to Activate your Priceline Reward Visa Credit Card

As mentioned, you will only get to enjoy the benefits and rewards of the Priceline Reward Visa Credit Card once you activate your card. Here are some of the benefits that the card has to offer;

  • No annual fee.
  • You can earn up to 10,000 bonus points after qualifying purchases.
  •  For every 1$ spent on Priceline bookings, you can earn 5X points.
  • Earn 2X points on gas and restaurant purchases plus delivery services.
  • Zero transaction fee on international purchases.
  • Unlimited earning of reward points.
  •  0% Introductory Annual Purchase Rate on any balance transfer for the first fifteen months.
  • Get access to Priceline VIP Gold Status to unlock access to deals.
  • Free access to your FICO Credit Score Online.
  •  $0 Fraud Liability Protection which means you aren’t responsible for charges you did not authorize and a lot more.

How to Activate your Priceline Reward Card

Activating your Priceline Credit Card is very simple and easy to about. However, there are certain credentials needed to successfully activate your card. First, you will need your personal details like your date of birth, occupation, and citizenship status.Also, your Social Security number and account number will be required. Lastly, a mobile or desktop device with stable internet will be needed. Here are step by step guidelines to activate your Priceline Rewards;

  • Open your device’s web browser
  • Visit Priceline Rewards
  • On the homepage, locate “ Cardmember Login” and tap on  it
  • This will take you to the Login page
  • Scroll down the page and click on Set Up Online Access
  • On the page, enter your  4 digit Social Security Number
  • Enter your correct date of birth details
  • Input your Account Number
  • Select your current occupation from the list provided
  •  Tap on YES if you are  United States Citizen and NO if you aren’t one
  • Click on Continue below the page

Finally, check, review and verify your details and tap on submit to successfully activate your Barclays Priceline Rewards Visa Credit

How to Apply for Priceline Rewards Visa Credit

If you still don’t have a credit card, you can read this section of the article for steps and guidelines to Apply for your own card. Applying for the Card is easy as it can be done online using your mobile or desktop web portal.  But you will need to provide details like your name and last name, email address, mobile number, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Occupation, and more. Below are steps to apply for Barclays Priceline Credit Card;

  • Go to the official website of Barclays Priceline Card
  • On the top right corner of the homage, click on APPLY
  • This takes you to the application page
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Input your activate email address and Mobile number
  • Enter your Work phone Number  Optional
  • Then, enter your Address Line 1 and 2, city, state, and ZIP Code
  •  Enter your country, Social Security Number
  • Also, enter your date of birth and mother’s maiden name
  • Enter your source of income, occupation, total annual gross income
  • Carefully answer the rest of the questions with the correct answers
  • Then, agree to its terms and conditions
  • Lastly, click on APPLY NOW

After following the above steps and guidelines and providing your correct details, you will successfully be able to apply for your own Priceline Credit Card.

Steps to Login to your Priceline Rewards Visa Credit Card Account Online

To log in to your Priceline Rewards Visa Credit Card Account, you will need your username and password. Here are steps and guidelines to follow;

  • Visit the official website of Priceline Visa Credit
  • Locate the Login icon on the homepage and tap on it
  • On the sign in page, enter your username
  • Also, enter your Password
  • Then, tap on Login

If after entering your details and they are accurate, you will be given access to your Barclays Priceline Rewards Visa Credit Card account. You can proceed to use your card to shop for items and earn bonuses and rewards in the process.