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Home REVIEWS POF Username – How to Change Your POF Username | POF Username Search

POF Username – How to Change Your POF Username | POF Username Search

by admin

POF is an online dating platform that is popular in top countries around the world which after creating an account you will get a Username. There is no doubt a lot of users are on the platform. As an individual or an unregistered user, you cannot gain access to the services the platform offers. If you decide to register for an account, you would be given a username. This username is what is known as or can also be referred to as POF Username. Your POF Username is what other users on the platform would use in finding you. It is important you use a username that is unique when signing up for an account on the platform.

POF Username - How to Change Your POF Username | POF Username Search

As mentioned above, signing up or registering for a new POF account is the only way you are going to get a POF Username. The steps listed below is a simple step you have to follow accordingly to successfully create a new POF account along with the desired username.

  • Using any device be it android or iOS, connect the device to an active source of the data connection. This can usually be done by turning on the mobile data connection of your device.
  • Launch any web browser on the device and enter the web address www.pof.com into the search bar of the browser. Finally hit the search button.
  • You should now be on the POF official homepage. On the homepage, locate and tap on the “Register” button.
  • Now a form should appear to you. Enter your desired username into the box that says username and fill correctly and as accurately as possible the remaining part of the form.
  • Complete the POF captcha challenge and follow the instructions given to you afterward.

That is all for creating or registering for a new POF account. The steps listed above can be used to register for an account on almost any device.

How to Sign in to POF?

Signing in to an already existing POF account is possible and can be done following the steps below.

  • Head the POF official website after turning on your device and connecting it to an active source of the data connection.
  • Locate on the platform the “Sign In” button and tap on it. Initially, you should see the login form on the welcome page. If you don’t see it, then tap on the “Sign In” button.
  • On the sign-in form, enter your account sign-in credentials and tap on the “Sign In” button once again.

Also, Following the steps above correctly, you would be an automatic sign in to your already existing POF account.

How to Change Your POF Username

After creating your POF account, you can also change the Username. You see most users do not know how to do this and they think they are stuck with the username they used when creating the account. However, Follow the steps below to change your POF Username.

  • Go to the POF official website with your internet-connected device.
  • Sign in the account you wish to change the username.
  • Go to your profile page and tap on the edit button to edit your profile. The edit button might appear as “Edit Profile”.
  • Change your username and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • Click the “Update Profile” button to update your profile. For iOS devices, click on the green “Save” checkmark.

However, Above is how to easily change the username of an already existing POF account.

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