Pinterest Login: Pinterest is a photo-sharing web and mobile app portal where users can share and pin photos. This is a visual photo bookmarking platform where users can manage their media content like photos and videos. This platform was established by 3 individuals named Evan Sharp, Ben Silbermann, and Paul Sciarra.

Pinterest Login - How to Login to Pinterest | Pinterest Login with Facebook

Pinterest is rated as one of the top platforms for photo sharing. Where users can upload, save, and manage images using the pin features. Users can also share and manage other media content like video through collection known as pinboards. A user can access media files and add them to their board when they click on the PIN IT button. The PIN IT icon is usually at the top right section of every photo on Pinterest.

In other for a user to get access to this platform he or she has to complete the Pinterest sign up process. This where the user has to create his or her account by providing all the required information to set up his or her profile. Signing up for an account on Pinterest also give you access to make use of the Pinterest login steps I we be talking about below.

What Pinterest Login

In other to access your account you need to know what the login steps is and how to possibly login to Pinterest. If you are familiar with Pinterest login interface you should there are two login options. The first one is where can enter  his or her email and password he or she used why creating the account. And the other one is an option where you can login to your account using Facebook. I will be talking om both login process.

How to Login to Pinterest

If you want to access your existing account you can make use of the below steps. This is the default login step where users have to provide their account information they entered when creating the account. Let’s get started with the login steps.

  1. Launch your web browser or mobile app if you are using the Pinterest mobile device.
  2. For web, user enter the web address as in the address bar at the top section of your browser. The next page you see is the login page. Mobile app users should launch the app.
  3. Enter your email address in the first box and password in the second feed.
  4. Make sure you go through the Pinterest login information you entered are correct and click on the login icon.

Pinterest Login with Facebook

Most users don’t really know more about what Facebook is. Well with Facebook you can login into your Pinterest account in just a click. Here are the login tips below.

  1. Launch your web browser and enter the url as in the address bar.
  2. On the home page where you see the default login section. Click on the Facebook icon that has continued with Facebook.
  3. The pop up page will redirect you to Facebook where you have to confirm that it’s your account and you want Pinterest to access your Facebook account information.

When you click ok you the pop page closes back and your Pinterest account loads up. This is how easy it to log in to your account using the above Pinterest tips.