Do you want to organize or do something and then you don’t know where to get ideas? Introducing the Pinterest app, a dedicated photo sharing and social networking platform where you can get ideas about things like recipes, cloth styles, home and many more. The social media photo sharing app offers an easier and faster to access images. Majorly, Pinterest allows you to explore your idea with amazing images, and also get inspiration on what you want to do.

Pinterest App - Download Pinterest Free for iOS and Android

Furthermore, Pinterest is a very popular American photo-sharing platform and also known to be a social media networking site where you can build ideas with images. Currently, Pinterest is considered one of the top 10 most widely used social networking services with over 400 million users connecting with the app. The Pinterest app provides convenient and easy access to images directly from the mobile phone. Also, on the mobile app, you can easily download images directly on your mobile phone.

Features of Pinterest App

However, one of the features of the Pinterest app is that it is faster and easier to access than the website as it is already installed on your device. using the Pinterest website, you might be redirected to different pages before you even get to the website. But the app takes you directly to Pinterest. Some other features of the app include;

  • Get new and interesting ideas
  • Share your own ideas
  • Buy things you like
  • Save inspiring posts
  • Explore and get lots of ideas
  • Learn new dishes
  • Get new styles

These are some of the following features of the Pinterest mobile app. Also downloading the app allows you to get access to thousands of images directly from your mobile phone. However, the app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices for free download.

How do I Access the Pinterest App Download Page

Want to become a reputable user of Pinterest through the use of the app? You can become that today. Some steps would be listed for you. Although, there is a limit to the device you can download or access the Pinterest app. But the Pinterest website does not have a limit to what device you access it on. All you just need is an internet connection. Here are the steps you can follow to download the app on your mobile device and on your windows;

Pinterest Download for Mobile

  • Open your device app store
  • Locate the Pinterest app using the app store search engine
  • Click on the “install’ or “get” button
  • Then you can access the app on your mobile device

Pinterest Download for Windows

  • Open your Microsoft store.
  • Search for the Pinterest.
  • Click on the Get button.
  • Then you can access the app on your pc.

The Pinterest app is available for download on all app stores for your mobile device and it can also be downloaded on your windows. For mac users, you can get the app through Safari but I must state that the original Pinterest app is only available for iOS, and downloading on your mac might be a little bit complicated. Therefore, feel free to access the Pinterest website to access Pinterest.