With the introduction of Zoom which is one of the best teleconferencing with video and audio communications available in the state in the U.S such as Penn State. However, Penn State Zoom allows a video conference with a multi-person which could be a video or audio meeting. This could be made possible using the software on your computer or laptop without installing any video conference hardware. The platform combines both cloud video conferencing. Simple online meetings, and group messaging which is very easy to use around the world most especially in Penn State.

Penn State Zoom - How to Join Zoom at Penn State | Penn State Zoom Login

Penn State Zoom used to communicate among the student in the university due to the pandemic period of Lockdown. However, the platform allowed the student and lecturers to connect and interact with school curriculum activities. Which makes students still study from home or anywhere around the state. The classes are fixed like a scheduled meeting on the platform and a link will be sent out. To the students email to connect for their classes. However, this has helped many other schools and business enterprises to communicate. Each other even they are far away from each other. This platform was mostly used for distance education and social relations.

How do you Join Zoom at Penn State?

If you are in Penn State and got the link from your lecturer or H.O.D for a cloud-based meeting which might involve video, audio, and screen sharing option. However, users can join a meeting on the platform by clicking the Meeting URL sent to you. And input It to the Meeting ID into the Zoom web portal, Desktop App, or Mobile app. Here are a few steps on how to join Penn state Zoom;

  • Go to¬†www.cmm.psu.edu/zoom/ At the homepage click on Zoom login and scroll down to click on Join and connect to a meeting.
  • On the next page, you will be required to input a Meeting ID or Link name.
  • Input the name or link and click Join and you will be up at the next meeting

Is Zoom Free to Use?

To some extent, Zoom Meeting is free with the basic features which allow the user of 100 participants and a duration of 40 minutes in a meeting. However, for advanced meetings of 24 hours duration and as many participants just like in Penn state zoom. The users need to subscribe to Premium services. When users are not much in a business meeting and project group then the Basic feature is easy to create and is for free.

However, Zoom is one of the best cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, group messaging, and many others in different countries and organizations. Also, it is common in distance school, communicating with families and friends around the world.