What is Pcdaopune? Am sure a lot of you will be a little bit confused about this but not to worry you are in the right place to get all the information you need. Pcdaopune is a government website owned by the ministry of defense government in India. Pcdaopune login is a portal that gives you access to this government website owned by Indians.

Pcdaopune Login - Pcdaopune Mobile App Login

The full form of Pcdaopune is Principal Controller of Defense Account and it has an official website that people can access through their devices. The website is known to cater to over 46,000 army officers right from Lt to the COAS serving tirelessly on behalf of the country.

The website which is contains vital information that is protected with advanced security. Only an army officer can visit the website by providing his login ID and password. The website was designed to enhance capabilities for online service delivery in a secured and responsive environment.

What is Pcdaopune Portal all About?

Pcdaopune Login is strictly for army officers and the portal I used by over 46,000 army officers serving the country. The portal is being controlled by the Ministry of Defense Government of India. The official website is and it can be accessed by the Lt to the COAS. Through the website, employees can avail various services online. However, you will see the OFFICERS, AAO BSO, and VETERANS login form on the official website of PCDAOPUNE.

How to Login to PCDAOPUNE

If you are an army officer and you need to login into the website just follow these steps below and you are good to go.

  • First, you have to visit the official website of the portal
  • Once the home page opens, you will see the login form in the middle of the page
  • Provide your login ID and password to the space provided
  • After you have done that, solve the Captcha code shown on your screen
  • Then click the Login button

Immediately after you click the login button you will be logged into the PCDAOPUNE portal.

Pcdaopune Sign-in Problems

It is possible that Pcdaopune Login can have some problems while trying to gain access to the portal. So if you are not able to login than it might be one of these issues.

  • Your username and password are invalid
  • The login form is not refreshed
  • The website is not loading in your browser
  • You may need to change your password but you cant
  • There might be some other login issues with your account

You might also want to consider the following options so that you can log in

  • Reload the page in your browser
  • Try logging in again after some time
  • Clear your browsers cookies
  • Change your network service provider
  • Take a look at your firewall to see if it is preventing you from logging in

Finally, if you are having issues with compatibility, then I would advise that you try a new browser.

Pcdaopune Mobile App Login

You can make use of the app instead of the website to login into the portal so if you’re working from Mobile apps, then you will be able to check out the things below.

  • Find out if the app needs a login
  • Then open the app
  • Search for the Login or Sign-in button
  • Tap the identification text box
  • Enter your identification
  • And then enter your parole

After that, you can click the Login or Sign in button. Here you may get details relating to wages, HBA, DSOPF, and receipt of claims alongside other vital information.