PayPal Gift Card – PayPal Prepaid Card

If you’ve never heard of the PayPal Gift card before, then today is your lucky day. In this article, I would be showing you some of how you can get the card. Do you know that most people don’t even know what a gift card is?. If you fall into this category of people, then you better take this article very seriously. Without beating much around the bush, let’s see what the card is.

PayPal Gift Card - Create a PayPal Account

A PayPal Gift card can be likened to be a prepaid card. The PayPal Gift card is branded in many different ways. This Gift card can be bought from several online vendors. When talking about a gift card, they usually come at different prices. Each price has its selling price. When getting a PayPal Gift card from other vendors, you usually pay the price the vendor is requesting. PayPal has been one of the most common means of payment in the world today. PayPal is most popular in the United States.

Gift Cards and Prepaid Cards

Like I said before, a PayPal Gift card can also be a PayPal prepaid card. This is only applicable when a prepaid card is given to someone as a gift. Apart from that, there are other types of gift cards on PayPal. Some examples of these cards are the PayPal app store/iTunes card, Domino’s Pizza gift card, Google play gift code, Southwest airlines gift card, Target gift card, and so many others. The official PayPal Gift card webpage is

Create a PayPal Account

  • Launch the web browser of your choice.
  • Hit the address bar and follow this address (
  • Make sure that you are not using any VPN as it would affect the nationality that the site would be displayed in. when the site loads, find the “Sign Up” button at the top right corner of the page and click on it.
  • Now, fill the form with your personal information like your country, first name, last name, email address, and you can also create your password on this form.
  • When you are through with the form, hit “Next”.
  • Simply follow the onscreen instructions to verify your mobile number for your account verification.

It would not take more than five minutes, then you can start receiving funds and shop online instantly.

Getting a PayPal Gift Card

Gifting a PayPal card or a PayPal Gift card is prettier easier than you think. Before we begin the process, you must first make sure you have created a PayPal account and you have enough balance to purchase the gift card. Like I said before, the gift card usually comes at different prices. Follow the steps below to buy

  • Find the web browser on your device and launch it.
  • When the browser opens, follow this URL (
  • On the next page, you would see all the available types of gift cards you can gift through PayPal. Simply select the one you want.
  • When you click the card, you’ll see two options “This is a gift” and “This is for me”. Select the one you want to go for.
  • Fill the form with the required information and select the amount of gift card you want to purchase.
  • Click “Add to Cart”.

That’s pretty much it. You just have to follow the rest of the instructions provided to complete your purchase. Note that you have to check out before the card would be gifted.

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