I am sure a lot of us are not just hearing about the PayPal credit card, it is the most commonly used credit card, especially for those people who love shopping. The PayPal credit card login page gives you access to your PayPal account where you can monitor your credit card and probably make other transactions.

PayPal Credit Card Login Page

PayPal Credit Card Login Page

When you shop with your PayPal credit card anywhere PayPal is accepted you can enjoy 6 months of special financing on purchases of $99.00. This is a great deal so what are you waiting for, go get your PayPal credit card now. In case you don’t know, PayPal credit gives you the flexibility to buy what you need when you need it as long as a PayPal credit card is accepted.

Now when you login into your PayPal account, you can easily monitor your transactions and check your balance. Not only that you can conveniently make or schedule payments from your account with PayPal. Creating an account with PayPal is the most secure and easy way to pay and get paid. And guess what, you can sign-up for an account without paying a dime.

What is a PayPal Credit Card?

If this is your first time making use of a PayPal credit card then this article is for you. The PayPal credit card login page is an account that provides a credit line built into your account. It allows you to pay for your purchases right away or you can pay over time. Applying for a credit card is easy, the card is also easy to use and it is available whenever you need to make use of it.

How to Apply for PayPal Credit?

Just like I stated earlier, applying for a credit card with PayPal is very easy. And once you have applied you can make use of the PayPal credit card login page to monitor your transactions. So follow me and let me take you through the sign-up process.

  • First, you have to visit the official website on your device
  • Once you get to the main page just click on Sign up
  • You will be taken to the signup page immediately
  • Choose if you want a personal account or a business account
  • Once you have made your choice, click Next
  • Indicate your location
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Immediately a code will be sent to your mobile number
  • Then you have to enter the code to the space provided
  • After that enter your email address
  • Enter your first name and last name
  • Then create your password and also confirm your password
  • Click on Next after that

The next page will take to you to where you will have to indicate your nationality, and enter your date of birth. Aside from that you also have to enter your Address line, the city you live in, and the postcode. Once you have been able to provide this information then you can click on Agree and Create Account.

PayPal Account Credit Card Login

Logging into your PayPal account is as simple as creating an account. But if you are having issues with your PayPal credit card login page no need to worry too much just follow these steps below.

  • As usual, you have to login into their official website
  • You will be taken to the main page where you will have to press Login
  • Once you click Login, it will take you straight to the login page
  • Enter your mobile number once you get to the page
  • After that Click Next
  • Then enter your email address and password

Finally, once you have entered your password and email address to the space provided, just click Login and it will take you directly to your account. Now you see that the PayPal credit card login page can be easily accessed without much stress. Now you can enjoy the power to purchase anything you want.

How to Make Payments on my PayPal Credit Account?

It is very easy to make payments once you have been able to access your PayPal credit card login page. However, you can make payments online, by mail, or by phone whichever is convenient for you. Now let me show you how to make payments is being made.

  • To make payments by mail just use the payment address provided on your billing statement.
  • To make payments by phone, you have to call Synchrony bank using this number 844-373-4961
  • And finally, to make payments through your credit card, all you have to do is tap PayPal credit, tap make a payment, and choose how much you want to pay.

You see that the payment methods are very easy, PayPal credit card gives zero stress and you will be glad you used it. Mainly because of the perks you get as a cardmember.