Do you know that as a mobile device user, the easiest and fastest way to access PayPal is via the app? As we all know PayPal is an online payment system that is also considered the fastest and safest way to send money, receive payment and also do your business as a merchant. PayPal app is mobile application software that is a simple and well-secured way to make payments.  You can access PayPal for free using the mobile app just like the website. Also, the mobile app makes it much easier to use PayPal without the need for visiting the website or using a web browser.

Furthermore, the PayPal app is available for all devices except desktop devices. Aside from the PayPal app, PayPal apk is also available for download on your android device. However, if you do not possess an android device which you can install the PayPal app, you can install the PayPal apk on your device. However, for android and iOS devices that use the app stores, you can visit your mobile devices app store to locate the PayPal apk and process its downloads. Not to worry about the need for payment as the PayPal apk download is totally free. The app however has so many unique features. Want to know them? continue reading as they would be listed and stated for you in this article.

Features of PayPal App

The PayPal apk has lots of unique features which the website also has. But the basic feature of the mobile app is that it leads you to directly to the Platform easily compared to the website whereby you have to make use of a web browser which you would still have to find and locate the PayPal platform link. Aside from this feature, other features of the PayPal apk include;

  • Scan QR codes using the PayPal app to pay securely
  • Get paid in person by setting up a QR code using your PayPal app
  • Send and request money easily and for free
  • To find other PayPal users, just type either the users name, email or mobile number
  • With just a few taps, request money from family and friends or business partners
  • Using the PayPal apk, you can pay in four

Above all, you can also easily make money transfers from your banks to your account. There are still more features and benefits to enjoy when using PayPal. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Process PayPal download, sign up, and start enjoying all these features unlimitedly.

PayPal Apk Download

The PayPal app download is just like every other apk download, especially when using the App Store for iOS and Android devices. Also, the PayPal apk download is totally free, so there is nothing to worry about when processing its download. The app also makes it very much easier for you to access Pay Pal to do a lot of things which includes sending, receiving money, and many more. Also, the PayPal apk has so many features to offer to you as a user. However, to enjoy these features, follow the steps below to process the app download.

For iOS

  • Open your App store
  • Locate the app using the app store‚Äôs search engine
  • Tap on the app from the search result
  • Click on the Get button
  • Verify using your finger print
  • The download would begin automatically

For Android

  • Open your Google play store
  • Locate the PayPal apk for download using the search engine
  • Tap on the app
  • Click on the install button to begin download

After the download is complete, you can now click on the open button to open the PayPal app. Then start accessing PayPal by signing up or processing the sign-in if you do not have an account. The PayPal apk just like the website can be used for both personal and business. However, if you are new to PayPal, there are two types of accounts you can create. Therefore, download the PayPal apk or visit the website to explore.