PayPal is an extensively used internet banking site. Sellers’ especially on eBay uses PayPal to collect auction monies, send invoices, and even create shipping labels for merchandise that were purchased through auction. Sending and receiving money can be done using PayPal accounts. Instead of issuing paper statement, PayPal records your transactions and stores it as history in its archive.

PayPal Account History - How do I Check My PayPal History

There are options to accessing and even downloading or viewing your PayPal Account history. There are historical data you have right to access on you PayPal account when you need to. You can choose to view you recent activities, all the activities that you have carried out on your account, or activities within a period of time.

What PayPal Account History Entails

On PayPal account history, you get to see:

  • The date of the transaction
  • If the transaction was deposited or withdrawn
  • The name if the individual you received or sent money to
  • The status of the Payment as pending, canceled or completed
  • Supporting details such as the transaction ID, customer service, URL of the payee, time of payment and finally the type of the payment
  • The order status showing if the item was shipped and displaying the track information if applicable
  • And finally the amount of transaction.

Searching PayPal Account History

You can view the transaction you want to view by searching for it using the filters set:

  • Dates
  • The amount
  • Types of transactions
  • And other simple details.

To search your PayPal history, all you have to do is to:

  • Open your PayPal account
  • Click history
  • Then click the basic search icon
  • Enter the two dates of the period you made the transaction you are looking for and click “show”.

You can also search the history by the “Payment received” or “Payments sent” including the dates within the period the transaction was made. There are lots of other features that you can use to narrow your results, and they include credits, e-checks, reversals, referrals, shipping, payment holds and refunds, among others.

Downloading PayPal Account History

Login your PayPal account and click “history” then click “download history” this is to download a file containing your historical data. To download your history, select the data range, or you can just indicate that you want to download the history of the things that occurred after the last time you downloaded it. Select “comma Delimited”, “tab Delimited” “Quicken”, QuickBooks” or “PDF” for the file type on the kind of program you want to view your history. Click the “download history” icon and wait for your download to begin. PayPal warns that large history documents may take up to 24 hours to process.