Do you wish to get paid from clients and marketplaces located all around the world? If yes, why don’t you begin by processing the Payoneer sign up? Payoneer is known to be one of the leading international payments platforms used for business. While Payoneer sign up is the registration process taken to be a part of Payoneer. With Payoneer sign up, there’s a lot you can do and also achieve. One of which is, with Payoneer sign up, you can do your business confidently with Payoneer on your side. As they run 24/7 customer service with the availability of over 20 different languages. Either through mobile devices, emails, social media platforms, or live chatting.

Payoneer Sign up - How to Register for a Payoneer Account

Furthermore, Payoneer sign up enables you to earn up to $25. There’s really a lot you have the privilege to enjoy when you sign up for Payoneer. You can however process the Payoneer sign up wherever you choose to. It could be online via the website or the mobile app. Steps on how to go about the Payoneer sign up would be listed for you. With these steps you can now join other Payoneer users to receive payments from international clients and marketplaces. Continue reading to know more and see steps on how to sign up for Payoneer via the app and also via the website.

Payoneer Sign up

The Payoneer sign up comes in different forms. It all depends on who you are or what your business is all about. All sign up steps would be listed for you below. If you are either a Freelancer or SMB, Online Seller, Affiliate Marketer, Vacation Rental host or just an individual you can choose which of these steps you want to follow to sign up for Payoneer. First of all, visit the Payoneer website then click on the “sign up and earn $25*. Then follow these steps below;

Freelancer or SMB

  • Click on the “I’m a box” for you to choose which you are
  • Click on Freelancer or SMB
  • Tap on the box right beside the “I’m looking to” and select Get paid by international clients or freelance marketplaces.
  • Click on the register button
  • You would be redirected to your registration page
  • Choose either individual or company
  • Enter your required information
  • Click on the next button
  • Follow the next instruction given to you to complete your sign up

Online Seller

  • Click on the box beside “I’m a” to identify who you are and what you do for a living
  • Select what you are looking to from which includes “Get paid by ecommerce marketplaces”
  • Click on the register button
  • Enter your information and click on the next button
  • You might be asked to verify your humanity by re typing some codes into a given space
  • After typing click on the Next button
  • Enter your contact details (country, street number, city/town, postal zip code)
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Verify your account
  • Click on the Next button
  • Provide all other required information correctly to complete your sign up

Affiliate Marketer

  • Select who you are and what you do
  • Click on affiliate marketer if you are one
  • Select what you need to which might includes (get paid by publishers, networks and platforms or Promote Payoneer and earn commission”
  • If you choose to get paid by publishers, network and platforms, click on the register button on the next page and fill the form correctly to sign up
  • But if you choose to be a Payoneer affiliate which is “Promote Payoneer and earn commission”
  • Click on the start earning now on the next page after you have made your selection
  • Apply by filling out your information on the registration page
  • Click on the submit button.
  • Follow correctly the next instruction given to complete your application.

Vacation rental host

  • Select your occupation as a vacation rental host
  • Select what you look to which is “Get paid by Vacation rentals sites and private renters
  • Click on the register button
  • Choose either you are just an individual or you run a company
  • Enter your required details correctly
  • Verify your number
  • Complete your sign up


  • Select the individual category
  • Choose what you look to (Get paid by international clients or marketplaces, send and receive money between family and friends, or order a prepaid card)
  • The second 2 selections might not function or allow on Payoneer
  • For the first, click on the register button and enter your details correctly.

The Payoneer platform is not just for only people with business, you can sign up as an ordinary individual too with the steps listed above. Also, note that your sign up will not be processed if you are not up to the age of 18 and above. Therefore, if you are up to, you can now start your sign-up processing with the steps listed above. In addition, note that Payoneer is suitable for cross borders business and not personal money transfers. Therefore, you might not be able to perform that function on the platform.