Paltalk messenger is an AVM software that gives users access to communicate via video, chat message, and voice call. This is not just an app for chatting only it is a video group chat community that was established in June 1998. Paltalk app is a flexible platform when it comes to communicating and connecting users together.

Paltalk - How to Use Paltalk Free Video Chat | Paltalk Login

This video group chat platform offer chat room and also give users access to create a virtual and unique public chat room. But first the need for the Paltalk sign up and Paltalk login is required. This platform is well recognized and has a lot of users visiting base on the access for users to create their own public virtual chat room. Lots of users haven’t noticed that this platform is available in there different formats such as.

  • Paltalk Messenger.
  • The Paltalk Mobile App.
  • Paltalk Express.

All formats are self-explanatory except the Paltalk express that is a flash version that is made just for non-windows OS users. The mobile app is available on top mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS. Paltalk Mobile app is capable of running on a tablet, iPad, iPhone, and smartphones.

Paltalk Video Chat Platform

This platform has a PC application which is Paltalk Messenger. This is an app officially for PC users to run on their PC. There is also another web-based platform called Paltalk Express. This platform runs on adobe flash and java application that can be accessed using a web browser.

Google Chrome web store has a section where they rate apps on the chrome store. Paltalk Express has been featured as one most used and popular communicating applications on Google Chrome store. It is said that the express version delivers no PC to phone calls and also no interoperability with IM services.

There were a new development and enhancement which made this platform so flexible. This is a widget called Paltalk video chat widget that was launched on May 12, 2009. This widget gives the user on the website to view various paltalk chat rooms and have access to text and video chat.

Paltalk Sign Up | How to Make Use of this platform

In other to make use of this platform members are required to create an account or download the app on his or her device. In other to get the app you need to visit the official web platform or Paltalk online which is as the official web URL. Once you have entered the URL in the address bar section on your browser click on the Download icon to get started in download Paltalk for Android or for iPhone.

If your device happens to be a mobile phone user we be redirected to your mobile store automatically. User can easily download the app for free on his or her mobile phone store. But if you are making use of a PC you we be directed to the sign up page to sign up for an account. Users can also sign up using the mobile app.

  1. After you have successfully downloaded the mobile app launch the application.
  2. Click on the sign up icon at the lower left section on the app.
  3. Enter all your information in the sign up feed such as nickname name, password, and Email address.
  4. Once you have done that click on the sign up icon.

If you are making use of a PC wait for the app to download and install the app right on your PC as soon as it is done downloading. Once the installation process is completed you can verify your email by click on the link on the email that’s been sent to you. Users can also sign up using their Facebook account.

Paltalk Login | Access Your Account

Once you have successfully sign up for an account you can always login to your account anytime and with any device. A lot of users has been finding it so difficult to access their account using the paltalk login process. Here is a simple login steps for all platform both mobile and PC.

  1. Launch your web browser or your mobile app and click on the login icon.
  2. For users with web browser enter the url as in the address bar section on your browser.
  3. Click on the sign in icon at the top right section on the home page.
  4. Enter your nickname and password and click on the login icon.

This is how easy it is to login to your account. If you have tried the above steps and it doesn’t work out for you. Note that users with incorrect paltalk login information won’t be able to login to their account. You can always make use of the password rest features just below the password feed. Click on forgot your password icon to reset your password.