Solitario – Solitaire Card Game | Free Online Solitaire


Solitario is now available online for users who really want to play this game. There are other online portals where users can play any solitaire game online. This is a web platform built strictly for card games that can be played online. Users can access all solitario games on this… Read More….

MapQuest – MapQuest Driving Directions |


MapQuest is a free America web mapping service online. This a property of AOL that offers free mapping services. MapQuest Was officially announced as a property of American online Inc. in the year 2000. This platfrom is rated as one of the top mapping platforms next to Google Map which… Read More….

McDonalds – Burgers, Fries & More |


McDonalds is an online fast food restaurant. Whose major service deals with the delivering of fast foods to customers who approach and order their desired meal. McDonald’s is the world’s largest network chain of hamburger and fast food restaurants. Which serves and deals with around 68 million customers daily in… Read More….