How can I create a new email account in Outlook? For the past decades, Microsoft has been involved in different kinds of email service providers. The first name was known as Microsoft Mail, and there comes a different name to the email services like MSN, Hotmail, Window Live Mail, and others. Right now, the platform has introduced a new email address after the release of Hotmail to Outlook Mail. The introduction of Outlook Mail doesn’t leave all users of people using the email address can still sign in using the new advance email account.

Outlook Mail - Create Outlook Mail Account | Outlook Mail Review

Nevertheless, in terms of you finding the best email account to join, Outlook Mail appears as one of the best top 5 email service providers worldwide. Outlookmail provides users with different kinds of the web-based suite which includes webmail, contacts calendaring and tacks in all over 100 languages. However. The web-based suite is owned by Microsoft and has more than 400 million email account users. 

Here’s Some of the Feature of Microsoft Outlook Mail

The Outlook Mail is actually similar to every other email service provider. Creating an account allows you to send and receive messages. As well as, you can assign tasks on what you want to do. However, here are some of the feature


  • Outlook allows you to stay connected always with customized calendars and others. 
  • Also, email inox management helps you to organize important messages in a special folder.
  • The Bing calendars allow you to set updates for your team match or TV shows.


  • OutlookMail provides you a secure and encrypted platform to keep your email secure.
  • Also, the email service is built-in with anti-virus and spam features to protect your mail.
  • With the provision of enterprise-grade security and privacy be rest assured that your email, calendar, and files are well secure.

Another privilege you enjoy is that, with your email address, you get access to a different category of Microsoft service which includes Microsoft OneNote, OneDrive, Excel, Word Online, and more. If you would like to create an email domain with Outlook mail, you can check the step below.

How do I Create a New Email Account in Outlook?

On the contrary, there are two platforms in which Microsoft provides to stay connected with all your email. Either you go through the Outlook Mail app or use the official Microsoft Outlook Mail website. Moreover, there are two things you can do with the platform

To Create an Email Account:

  1. Go to on the web browser.
  2. Click Create free account on the middle of the page.
  3. Then you can provide the following details:
  4. Your new email address,
  5. Password,
  6. First and last name,
  7. Country/region and birthdate,
  8. reCAPTCHA.

Also, another privilege you have is that Outlook mail is an acceptable email address using in different kinds of experiences. Like, you can use outlook mail to create a Twitter account, Facebook, Instagram, and others.