How do I access my Outlook Email Sign In account or how do I access my Outlook Email? In the meantime, Outlook is one of the best email services provided by Microsoft. It enables individuals and organizations to stay connected to people that matter irrespective of their geographical location. Outlook keeps its users connected and protected with email, calendar, and files in one app. In other words, you can bring your email accounts and calendars to one convenient place.  However, just like other email services providers which include Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and a lot. Outlook also has a sign-in page to enable its users to access their accounts. 

However, to sign in or log in to your Outlook Email account, certain requirements are needed. There are also steps and guidelines you need to follow.  You will need your Outlook Sign-in ID which includes; your Outlook email address and Password. The sign-in process can either be carried out via the Outlook web app or through the mobile app. Meanwhile, signing in to your account enables you to send, receive and compose mail using any of your devices. You can manage your Outlook email inbox, organize and schedule important meetings and events using its powerful built-in calendar.

How to Sign In to Your Microsoft Outlook Account

In this part of the article, we will be showing you some easy steps on how to access your Outlook account.  But before that, it is worthy to note that; you cannot sign in to Outlook without creating an account with the email service. However, users of the Hotmail email service can sign in to their account on outlook. And this is because Outlook was formerly known as Hotmail before it was rebranded to

Meanwhile, as mentioned earlier, you can sign in to your account via the website or through the mobile app. If you wish to sign in or log in to your Outlook email account with the mobile app. You will need to download the app from the Google or App play store to get started. Now check out the steps below to access your account on the web and the mobile app.

Outlook Sign-in on Web

  • Open any of PC Or computer web browser
  • Visit the official website of using your web browser
  • Once you are at the Official homepage, locate the sign in icon at the right top corner of the page
  • Click on the sign in icon and you will be redirected to another page
  • Now, you will need to enter your sign in credentials
  • Enter your Outlook Username or email address and tap on Next
  • Also, enter your password and click on the sign in button below the page

Login on App

  • Download and Install the Outlook email app into your android or iOS device
  • Open the app from the App store or from your device home screen
  • Grant the app access to your iOS or android device
  • Click on Add account
  • Enter your Outlook email address on the next page
  • Input your Outlook Mail Password

Lastly, click on the Sign-in icon below your screen and you will automatically be signed in to your account. Now, you can start sending, composing, and receiving emails to and from your family, friends, Business partners, and clients.