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What is an OpenCulture? OpenCulture is an educational media you can gather more knowledge about learning. The OpenCulture offers you the best on how well to learn and how to do a lot of things educational-wise on their website. They bring you quality in high standard based on education from all across the globe to their website so that people can get the best out of education. the OpenCulture offers you essentials like free online courses, online certificate programs,  online degree & mini degree programs and so much that will be very much helpful to people.

OpenCulture - Find Free Online Courses, Audiobooks | Open Culture
OpenCulture – Find Free Online Courses, Audiobooks | Open Culture

The OpenCulture learns up to 300 free languages on their website, 4,000+ free movies online, 1700 free online courses, film, 1,000 free audiobooks, and 800 free eBooks for iPad that can all help you based on education.  The OpenCulture is available from the mayor’s street activity permit office which allows ticketed performances as a new permit type. You can stream and check about the things OpenCulture is offering you based on the educational stuff through your web browser. The OpenCulture is founded by Dan Coleman who is the director and associate dean of Stanford’s continuing education program in the year 2006.

What is on OpenCulture Website?

The OpenCulture website offers you a lot of essentials you enjoy and as well learn from in a very easy and understanding way. The following that will be listed below are the things on the OpenCulture and they are offering you these things as well so that you can learn and gain more knowledge.

  • online courses
  • certificates
  • degree & mini degrees
  • audiobooks
  • movies
  • podcasts
  • K-12
  • eBooks
  • languages
  • donate

So all of these things mentioned above are what they offer you. These things will be explained to you one by one and accordingly so that you can have a better understanding.

Online courses

You can learn up to 1,700 courses from different top universities all for free on their website. And they are universities like Yale, MIT, Harvard, Oxford, and much more like that.  You can have online learning on free courses like Archaeology courses, architecture courses, art &art history courses, classics courses, communication courses, demography courses, design courses, and so on.


After going through all on the online courses class online, you get certificated in different courses like business & management, computer science, data science, finance & economics, engineering, energy & earth sciences courses, and much more which are all affordable and they are from top universities like Harvard, UC Berkeley, Georgetown, Google, IBM and so much more.

Degrees & mini degrees

With the open culture online, you can get degrees & mini degrees from OpenCulture. The degrees are in business, computer science, data science, education, engineering, health. Humanities/ arts & culture, UX design, and so on with the OpenCulture website.


With the open culture you can get audiobooks you can learn from on topics like fiction & literature and can be downloaded for free. The audiobooks can be from top writers like Baum, Frank L, Borges, Jorge Luis, Bradbury, Ray, Burroughs. Williams, Calvino, Italo, Shakespeare, Shaw, George Bernard, and so on you will love.


With OpenCulture you can watch movies like free comedy & dramas, free Hitchcock, noir, horror & thriller films. Free kungfu & martial arts films, free westerns, free silent films, free documentaries, free animated films online, and so on. These movies and more that are not mentioned can be streamed on the OpenCulture for free.


You can also as well feed your brain with knowledge on great podcasts ranging from art, music, philosophy, history, and also with imagined captivating stories. All of these things help your brain grow well.


This k-12 is for kids who are in their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grade respectively. The k-12 teaches them everything they need about their education. It can also be downloaded which is the app on their mobile device.


The collections of the eBooks include fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from writers like Asimov, Jane Austin, Neil Gaiman, Shakespeare, and so on. This is in other 800 free eBooks to your kindle and can be downloaded on your iPad, iPhone, computer Smartphone or even ereader.


On the OpenCulture website, you are allowed to learn different languages based on your preferences and languages. Like ancient Greek, American sign language, Dutch, Chinese, Danish, English, Persian, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, and so on.


Donate is the website that gathers funds so that it can fund OpenCulture and its mission. You can make monthly contributions or with a one-time contribution and can pay them through PayPal. You have to know that they accept only credit cards.

In conclusion, the things listed are those that can help you educationally and all well keep you entertained. You can find thousands of the things mentioned above on the OpenCulture website all for free with no charges at all.