You have heard of so many email service providers which are Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and many more which have created email services which include Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and outlook mail respectively. Although there are still more email services you might have heard of. Yahoo mail is known to be one of the best email services. Therefore, opening a yahoo email account is a very good idea as you would have the privilege to enjoy all the features of the yahoo email. There’s more you need to know about yahoo mail and how to open yahoo account. Why not read through to know them?

Open Yahoo Account - How to Open a New Yahoo Mail Account

Furthermore, when you open Yahoo account mail, it makes it easier to enjoy what matters most in your world. This is because it offers you with best email service, breaking news, finance, sports, music, movies, and more you don’t expect from an email service provider. Another unique feature about yahoo account mail is that as a user you can manage your mailboxes using the webmail which is accessible on a standard web browser. However, to enjoy this, you should open Yahoo mail account and have access to all the interesting and unique features of Yahoo mail today.

Requirements to Open Yahoo Account

The requirements to open yahoo mail are very few and can be easily gotten. With these requirements, you can open a Yahoo account anytime and anywhere. You can open yahoo mail both on the mobile app and also via the yahoo mail website and also access the yahoo mailbox freely when you must have already created a yahoo mail account. However, here are the requirements to open Yahoo account;

  • An internet connection.
  • An internet connected device (desktop or mobile).
  • An email address (not necessary as you can create a new one).
  • Personal information which includes your name, email, password, birthday, mobile phone number.

Above all, opening yahoo mail account is totally free as it requires no payment. Just a registration and you already own a Yahoo mail account. Therefore, you can also open multiple yahoo mail accounts with the above-listed requirements. However, as a new user aspiring to have a yahoo mail account, steps would be listed for you on how to open Yahoo email below.

How to Open Yahoo Mail Account

To commence your yahoo mail account usage to send, receive mail, and enjoy all of yahoo mail’s basic features, you have to first open an account. This subtopic would serve as a guide to opening or creating a new yahoo mail account. To open a Yahoo mail account, follow these steps below;

  • Open the yahoo mail app or visit the yahoo mail website
  • Click on the create account link
  • Enter your personal information
  • Click on the continue button

After you have clicked on the continue button, you would be asked to verify your account via the use of your phone number. This is why it is necessary for you to provide a mobile number while opening yahoo mail account. Aside that, you can also use your current email address to open yahoo mail. But if you don’t have any, process the normal yahoo mail account creation by creating a new one.

How to secure a new yahoo mail account

Owning a yahoo mail account is not just about signing up, it also requires you to secure your newly opened yahoo mail account. According to reports, there are high chances that if you do not secure your yahoo mail account, you could fall victim of email hacking, and retrieving could be quite difficult. Follow these steps and secure your yahoo mail account.

  • Avoid sharing of your yahoo mail information with others.
  • Do not click on unrecognized links.
  • Ensure to sign out and remove your yahoo mail account if logged in on public devices.
  • Change your password regularly.
  • Turn on the two-step authentication.

However, these are the following step in not only opening a Yahoo account but also securing your email account. Following the tip above on securing your Yahoo account improve the security of your Yahoo email account fro suspicious access or any attack.