To Open New Gmail Account is hassle and stress-free. It can be done from almost any device as long as there are an active data connection and a web browser. If the Google mail official app is available, you can also log in from it. Open new Gmail account is what this article is all about. That is what we will be discussing strictly today as there are lots of users who dont know what Open New Gmail Account is all about.

Open New Gmail Account - New Gmail Features

In general, Google is a platform with so many products and services. Google mail is one of the many services Google offers. For you to access and use these services, you must have a Google account this is where the Open New Gmail Account comes in. The good news is that you just need one Google account to get access to and use all of Google’s products and services.

How to Open New Gmail Account

Remember we established a fact that a Gmail new account is free to create. It does not cost at all apart from regular data charges. Follow carefully and accordingly the steps below to Open New Gmail Account.

  • Get hold of your internet-connected device and launch any web browser on the device. If you have the Gmail app installed on your device, it will do. You can launch it instead.
  • On the welcome page, find and tap on the “Create an account” button.
  • Now fill correctly the new Gmail account sign up form with all the details required.
  • Enter your mobile number into the field required and verify that the mobile number belongs to you following the onscreen instructions.
  • Read the terms and privacy shown to you and tap on the “I agree” button if you agree to the terms and privacy.

The moment you agree to the terms and privacy of your account, you would be successfully signed in your newly created account. You should know by heart the password and username or mobile number you used in creating the account for easy login.

How to Sign in Gmail Account

In the meantime, if you have a Gmail account, you can sign in at any time using any internet-connected device. Therefore, with the steps below, you can sign in your Gmail account on almost any device.

  • Grab your internet-connected device and turn it on.
  • Launch the Gmail official app or any web browser and seek the web address
  • On the welcome page, you should see the signup field. Enter your login details into the signup field and tap on the sign in link or button.

Hence, after a few seconds, you should be successfully signed in your Gmail account. Afterward, you can go check the email you haven’t read or make some changes to your profile setting.