The term above can mean a variety of things. It can be part of the statement open Netflix account or the Netflix open connect function or feature. Now on to the first part which is open Netflix account. Why would you open a Netflix account but before that what is Netflix? Do you know? Well, I will be cooling your nerves as to what the Netflix platform is all about. Netflix is an online movie streaming platform.  On this platform, you can watch, stream and even download movies and TV series and watch later and even watch on the go.

Open Netflix - Netflix Open Connect Program

Why Open A Netflix Account

This is a question mostly asked by new users or subscribers and those persons who haven’t made use of the platform before. In other words, they lack experience about the platform. There are many reasons as to why you should open an account. Besides it being the best online streaming platform in the world, it is really cool to use speaking from experience because I do make use of the platform.

Register for your own Netflix account and enjoy the benefit of streaming your favorite movies free for one month. Yes, it is real. The platform has a feature like this. But it is strictly for new subscribers not for existing subscribers. Once you create a new account with Netflix you get to make use of the 30-day free trial feature. One unique thing about this function is that you can cancel your membership with Netflix just in case you do not like the feature. You get to watch and stream movies first hand before any other person making use of other platforms.

How to Open a Netflix Account

To open an account is easy. All you need is an internet enabled device. Once this is in lace visit the official Netflix page and click on the create account tab. You will be required to complete a three step procedure to successfully open a Netflix account.

Netflix Open Connect Program

This is very much straight forward. This is a program run by Netflix to provide its subscribers the highest quality viewing experience. This is established by Netflix by partnering with various internet service providers to deliver its content more efficiently. For more information about the Netflix open connect programme, visit the help center of Netflix.