A Google account is an account that requires access, authorization, and authentication to certain online Google services. With the Google account, you can enjoy every Google service. The first process to enjoy the Google service is to open a Google account. Once you open a Google account, you will have access to an email address you can use to send and receive emails. There are lots of benefits that come with the Google account and it is very easy to open.

Open a Google Account - How to Open a New Google Account | Gmail Account

Furthermore, to open a Google account, you do not need to download an app at all. That is because it is already installed on all Android devices. However, if it is not on your mobile device, you can download it on the Google play store, which you also need a Google account. In this case, you can just make use of your browser to set up a Google account. 

The most amazing part is that you can also make use of your IOS devices to open a Google account.  Do you want to open a Google account but you do not know how? With no doubt at all, the step is a confusing one. However, do not worry because I will enlighten you on how to open a Google account in this article.

Important of Having a Google Account

Google account is one of the most profound and highly respected email service providers in the world. Currently, Google account also known as Gmail is the leading email service provider in the world with over a billion of register users. Having a google account give you access to a wide range of services that include YouTube, Google AdSense, Google Drive, Gmail, and more. This allows you to enjoy free access to all Google services and products. Likewise, it allows you to access not Google services and product that includes Facebook and others.

How to open a Google Account on your Android or iOS phone devices

Opening a Google account is the same as creating a Google account. And the process is very easy and simple to do. It does not require much at all. Nevertheless, below are the guidelines on how to open a Google account on IOS or Android devices;

  • Open your mobile device
  • Go to the  Settings on your phone
  • Click on Accounts, if it is not in the option, make use of the search bar to search for ‘’Accounts’’
  • On IOS, the settings is in the Mail option
  • Now click on ‘’   Add Account’’
  • Select ‘’create account’’
  • Enter the required personal information on the blank provided space
  • Click on ‘’I Agree button to  open a Google Account

With the above, you can successfully open more than one Google account with no stress. To make use of it next time, just enter your email address given by Google and password and you can make use of it.

How to set up a Google Account using Browser

It is also fast and easy to open a Google account with your PC or the web browser. Check out the below for the step-by-step process on how to open a Google Account on a web browser.

  • Open you’re your device
  • Go to  accounts.google.com sign up or create account
  • Enter the required details on the blank provided space
  • Create an email address with your name or use a current one instead.
  • Click on Next
  • Enter recovery email, phone number, gender and birthday
  • Click on Next
  • Verify your phone number
  • Follow the instructions on your screen
  • Agree with the terms and condition

You can now sign in with the Google Account on any supported device. You can make use of it for your school, personal and business. With the open Google account, you can now make use of Gmail, YouTube and other Google services of your choice.