As a petroleum graduate, you must be in search of an Oil & Gas job to apply for. What if you can apply for Oil & Gas Jobs in the United States with visa sponsorship? What if you can migrate easily to the United States with Visa sponsorship to work at an Oil & Gas company to earn more? Sincerely, there are so many companies that offer visa sponsorship to people to work in the United States.

As a foreigner, getting a visa to the United States can be very expensive and time taking. Also, getting an Oil & Gas job in the United States can also be very hard but with these Oil & Gas jobs with visa sponsorship, all these are made easy. Furthermore, oil & gas jobs in the United States with visa sponsorship can be hard to locate or identify.

So with the guide, I will be giving, you can easily apply and begin to work. In the United States, so many different companies have made getting a job so easy for people to do. If you are a professional or a graduate of petroleum and any other course relating to Oil & Gas, you can apply for a visa sponsorship job in the United States and get paid more than expected.

Nevertheless, you can also earn up to $18.40 per hour and also get a huge sum of money as your yearly salary depending on which you apply for. Different Oil & Gas Jobs, companies, and locations are provided for you to apply for.

List Of Oil & Gas Jobs in the United States with Visa Sponsorship

The countless number of Oil & Gas jobs have been recorded for people to apply for. These jobs are not only offered by one body but by so many bodies which you can apply for. Every company offers different Oil & Gas jobs with visa sponsorship for people to apply for.

This means that each Oil & Gas company offers visa sponsorship for a particular job in their company for people to apply for. However, some companies give visa sponsorship to professional foreigners to work in the United States. Nonetheless, below are some of the Oil & Gas jobs with visa sponsorship in the United States.

  • Plant Operator.
  • Yard Team- Precast Concrete- Starting.
  • Warehouse worker.
  • Multi-Skill Operator- Dickinson.
  • Bus driver.
  • Maintenance Repair worker 2.
  • Maintenance Equipment operator II.
  • Service Training Staff Consultant.
  • Yard Team Member- Precast Concrete.
  • Cost Analyst- Bakken.
  • Accounts receivable Representative.
  • Measurement Tech.
  • Yard Laborer.
  • Metallurgist.
  • Payroll/ HR Assistant.
  • Mess Person.
  • Project manager.
  • Owner Relations Analyst.
  • Construction specialist.
  • Shipping Operator.
  • Specialist WO & Compl.
  • Sustainable Development planning.
  • AP Associate.
  • Co-Op Well servicing.
Oil & Gas Jobs in the United States with Visa Sponsorship

Average Salary

  • Cost Analyst- Bakken- $59.9- $75,9 per year.
  • Specialist WO & Compl- $44.7- $56.5 per year.
  • Payroll/ HR Assistant- $43.5- $55.1 per year.
  • Plant Operator- $39.8- $50.4 per year.
  • Bus driver- $15 per hour.
  • AP Associate- $31.7- $40.1 per year.
  • Warehouse worker- $30.4k- $38.6 per year.
  • Yard Laborer- $17 per hour.
  • Maintenance Repair worker 2- $18.45- $20.31 per hour.
  • Sustainable Development planning- $65.7- $83.1 per year.
  • Mess person- $27.4- $34.8 per year.
  • Owner Relations analyst- $61.5- $77.9 per year.
  • Co-Op Well Servicing- $35.2- $44.6 per year.

Campaign jobs in the United States with visa sponsorship companies

You cannot learn about these jobs without knowing which companies offer them. By knowing the companies, you can learn their application method and also apply for them easily without any issues. However, below are the companies to take note of.

  • Par Pacific.
  • Western Midstream.
  • ConocoPhillips.
  • Fabcon Precast.
  • Polk State College.
  • State of Ohio Jobs.
  • Caterpillar.
  • Mechdyne Corporation.
  • Precision Castparts Corp.
  • Bel Fuse.
  • Accenture.
  • Siemens Energy.
  • Encino Energy LLC.
  • Occidental Petroleum Corporation.
  • Howmet Aerospace.
  • Quorum Business Solutions
  • Voyig.
  • Phillips 66.
  • Best Pump and Flow

There are so many more to take note of but with these few, you can proceed to eligibility and application.

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