What is NHS mail? NHS mail is an email and directory system for NHS employees (National Health Service).  It is a national secured service for both health and social care in Scotland and England. All staff is given the NHS mail email account when they begin at the trust to be used as a collaboration tool and key communication. This now allows the staff to have access to the Microsoft Teams Office265 platform.  Therefore, we can say that NHS is an email service provider that is approved to exchange patients’ information between health professionals. NHS mail is not available for the National Health Service patients and retired staff.

NHS Mail - How to Access and Activate your NHSmail Account
NHS Mail – How to Access and Activate your NHSmail Account

Furthermore, for care homes to get NHSmail, they need to make an application on the NHSmail portal online. The form can be completed by an individual on behalf of each site. However, organizations are given a shared mailbox for one care home to be used by staff or people who need to send messages to the organization. Let’s just say there are lots of features that come with the NHS mail and it is very easy to sign up and activate.  Do you want to sign up for NHSmail but you do not know how? Not to worry because this article is how you can sign up, activate, and also log in to NHS mail. All you just need to do is follow this article to the end to learn more about NHSmail.

How to sign up for NHS mail

 There are three routes to signing up for the NHSmail, after publishing your DSPT assessment. Below is the guidelines on how to sign up for the NHSmail

  • Open your browser
  • Go to the NHSmail portal https://portal.nhs.net/R
  • Enter your already deliberated required information
  • Create the email addresses you need and password
  • Now register

The above procedure applies to every health care we love to make use of the NHS mail. After filling out the online registration, you will have to wait for some hours before you can get a reply from the NHS team. To know the email procedure well you can navigate to the NHSmail portal.

How to activate NHS mail

Once you are done with the registration procedure, an email will be sent to the email address used to register. The email will give you the procedures on how to activate the NHSmail account and how you can make use of it. You can share the shared mailbox and the email address with the staff and care providers.

NHSmail login

This procedure is a vital one and it is very easy and simple to do. below is the procedure on how to access your NHSmail account check it out

  • Open your browser
  • Search for https://portal.nhs.net/
  • Tap on the login in button at the top
  • Enter the new email address @nhs.net
  • Enter the password sent to your mobile phone number on the blank provided space

Once you have logged in to the NHS account as a new user, you will be asked to change the entered password and also create some securities. You also have to accept the Acceptable Use Policy. The steps must be complete before you can make use of NHS mail to send your emails and for other purposes.