New Profile Pic Facebook – Profile pictures are used to identify users on Facebook, it is important and very exciting especially when you have thousands of likes and comments on your Facebook profile pictures. This also attracts more friend requests but still, yet there are still some users who upload fake profile pictures on Facebook. Let’s take a look at this.

New Profile Pic Facebook - How to Do The New Profile Pic on Facebook | New Profile Pic App Facebook
New Profile Pic Facebook – How to Do The New Profile Pic on Facebook | New Profile Pic App Facebook

A friend of yours sent you a friend request on Facebook and you’re like you know this person because of his or her Facebook profile Name. But you’re wondering why he or she did not display his or her profile pictures on Facebook. Haven’t you noticed something like this? Or even some who send you a friend request on your Facebook.

So you see there are a lot of Facebook users who do not use their pictures instead they use other pictures like (animals, celebrities, cartoons, and so on) don’t just judge them. Through my research, other people have seen reasons why people use fake profile pictures on Facebook.

Reasons Why Some Facebook Users Use Fake Profile Pictures

  1. People don’t want to be seen or tracked down by other people close to them. For example, their relatives, boss, parents, boyfriends or girlfriends, and husbands or wives to avoid issues, especially the youth whose parents feel they are too young to be on Facebook.
  2. Low self-esteem. Few people have issues with their looks. They feel they are not good-looking so they use other people’s pictures, especially celebrities.
  3. Physically challenged. When I mean physically challenged I mean those people who do not have the ability to walk or do things, like someone in a wheelchair or who are handicapped often feel inferior. They don’t want people to see the way they are. So they use other people’s pictures.
  4. Negative intentions. A person with a bad intention will never use their real pictures. Because they know illegal acts will be done without getting caught or identified. Which is illegal.
  5. Watchful parents. To not be caught by parents who are also online. Teenagers who are being watched by their parents use fake profile pictures since using their real pictures on Facebook may be accessed by their parents.
  6. Privacy. Some users are scared of posting their real pictures, for fear of being scandalized or being used for unsuitable purposes by cruel people online.
  7. Scamper. few users act as a celebrity or a famous person by posting the celebrity photo on their profile pictures and building up a group who also like the celebrity.
  8. Age problem. Because Facebook does not allow users under 13 to have an account. So they don’t want to be seen as children to avoid being banned on Facebook.
  9. Spam. People have a lot of Facebook id for the purpose of speeding spam.

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