New Movies on Amazon – How Does Amazon Prime Work?

We live in a world where watching movies helps us to reduce boredom, there are a lot of websites where you watch free movies. And there are also lots of websites where you can watch paid movies. New movies on amazon are free for only new members but after a month you will have to start a monthly subscription that will enable you to watch as many movies as you want.

New Movies on Amazon - How Does Amazon Prime Work?

New Movies on Amazon

Amazon has been a very popular website and with new movies on amazon, there can never be a boring day for you. The website is a home for movies and all the movies you want to watch are available on the website. All you have to do is type the website’s URL on your browser and you will be taken straight to the website. Best movies on amazon are not hard to find and once you see them just relax and watch.

Currently, there are a lot of new movies on amazon prime and if you haven’t watched them then you are missing out. As a new member, you will be given a 7 days free trial to watch any movie of your choice. But after the 7days free trial, you will have to renew your membership for USD 5.99 monthly. However, if you want to get great entertainment at your fingertip then start your free trial now.

How Does Amazon Prime Work?

Amazon prime movies work just like every other movie website like Netflix. All new members are given a 7-day free trial to watch as many movies as they want for 7days. But after 7days you will have to start a monthly subscription. However, the subscription enables you to get New movies on amazon. You can watch new movies on amazon prime 2022 from the web or with the prime video app on your phone.

Amazon Prime App

Finally, you can watch New movies on amazon through the app; this is the most convenient way to watch movies because you don’t have to start visiting the website. However, you can download the website on any device of your choice. For, instance, you can download the app on Android, Apple, tablet, or PC. Also, with the app, you can control your data usage while downloading and watching your favorite movie. This is something most streaming apps do not offer to their customers.

Genres Available on Prime Amazon

  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • Thriller
  • Tragedy
  • Sci-fi
  • Documentary
  • Horror
  • Drama
  • Action
  • Crime
  • Hindi cinema

There are lots of genres available on the website to choose from. We have different people with the type of movie they love watching so let’s take a look at the genres available on the website.

However, you can get the best horror movies on amazon prime once the visit the website to watch them. With the movie genres above you can choose the type of movie, you want to watch.

Amazon Prime New Movies 2022

New movies on amazon are now being uploaded on the website and trust me these movies are the best movies to watch on amazon prime. Follow me and let’s take a look at these movies.

  • Queenpins
  • Deep Water
  • Pada
  • Master
  • Radhe Shyam
  • Naaradan
  • Progressive Tailor Club
  • The protégé
  • I Want You Back
  • Superstar
  • North by Current
  • Lucy and Desi
  • Monica and Friends lessons
  • Flashbacks
  • Good Luck Sakhi
  • Skinwalker
  • Carbon
  • So Late So Soon
  • Jhimma
  • Vanam
  • The Contractor
  • Dog( 2022)
  • Mountain of Lies
  • The Outfit
  • Hotel Transylvania
  • Spider-man: No way home

These are the best movies on amazon prime for free and you get them on the website in the comfort of your home. You can also get new popular movies, new thrillers, new dramas, and new action movies.

New Horror Movies on Prime Video

New movies on amazon also include the best horror movies on amazon prime. So if you love watching horror movies then I think amazon is the best place for you.

  • Black as Night
  • Cinderella
  • Bali
  • The manor
  • Untitled Horror Movies
  • Chhorii
  • Master
  • Skinwalker
  • Master
  • The Demented
  • Bingo Hell
  • Dybbuk
  • El Amarre

These are just some of the horror movies you will find on the website. However, if you want to find more just visit the website or better still download the app on your device.

How to Download the Best Movies on Amazon Prime?

If you are a member of Amazon then you have access to an amazing list of new movies, and TV shows. Now follow these steps to download your favorite movies on Amazon prime.

  • First, you have to install the Prime Video app and login in
  • After that select a movie you want to watch
  • Choose where you will like the movie to be saved
  • Choose the video quality
  • Then, browse your downloads

After you have chosen your desired video quality just Tap Start Download, immediately the movie will start downloading on your device. you can choose to watch the movie offline if you want. I hope this article was helpful.