New Films on Netflix

The topic new films on Netflix might sound strange or kind of absurd to old and existing Netflix customers. But on the other hand it may sound different or quite the opposite to new customers and subscribers and even those that have not yet made use of the platform or subscribed to it. The reason for the above is quite simple. Netflix as a platform as most people know it to be and are therefore used to it is one that is updated on a regular. If you are a subscriber of this platform then you should understand what I am talking about.

New Films on Netflix -

New Films on Netflix – The Reason for This

You might be wondering as a new subscriber on the platform as to why the platform is always updated and why there are always new films on the platform. Without telling you this you ought to have known that Netflix is not the only one of its kind in the world. There are other types such as hulu, HBO and so many more just to name a few. In the business of online movie streaming or network television to be precise the competition is fierce. You always have to keep your subscribers and customers happy. And one of the ways Netflix has come up with to keep its users happy is always updating its platform.

With this feature there are always new films to anticipate and watch on the platform. Most subscribers making use or subscribing to this platform always get access contents first and faster than any other person making use of other platforms. This is one of the various reasons it is the best online movie streaming platform in the world.

How to Access New Films on Netflix

This is very easy, but only if you know how to. Accessing the new films on Netflix shouldn’t cost you much. All you need to access the new films on this platform is an internet and a Netflix enabled device and lastly a Netflix account. Once all these are in place then you are set. Now, what you have to do is this, log in to Netflix with your Netflix login details. Once logged in you can now access all the new films that the platform has to offer. For those persons who do not have a Netflix account, you cannot make use of this Netflix feature. If you know you want to make use of this feature all you have to do is to visit the official Netflix page online at and complete the whole sign up process.

Top 20 Films on Netflix as At January 2019 – New Films on Netflix

Trust me when I tell you that this list is not an easy one to come up with. The list below contains the 20 best films to be aired on Netflix as from January 1 2019.

  1. A series of unfortunate events: season 3.
  2. Across the universe.
  3. Babel.
  4. Black hawk down.
  5. City of God.
  6. Comedians of the world.
  7. Definitely.
  8. Godzilla.
  9. Happy feet.
  10. Hell or high water.
  11. I know what you did last summer.
  12. Indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull.
  13. Indiana Jones and the last crusade.
  14. It takes two.
  15. Indiana jones and the raiders of the lost ark.
  16. Indiana jones and the temple of doom
  17. Jay and silent bob strike back.
  18. Jersey boys.
  19. Mona Lisa smile.
  20. Mr. Beans holiday.

The list above is the top twenty films that are being aired on the Netflix platform as of January 1st 2019.