New Facebook Messenger app is the latest version of the Messenger app. Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging app for Facebook. There are lots of things you can do with the Messenger app. These things include;

New Facebook Messenger App - The Facebook Chat
  • You can receive and send messages with the messenger app.
  • Show your reactions with Emojis, Stickers or a GIF to express yourself.
  • You can capture the moment with messenger camera and add a filter, then share with your friends or status updates.
  • You can join fun groups to connect and meet new friends.
  • Also, you can send a voice note.
  • You can share your location with friends to plan an event or suggest a meeting spot.
  • You can play games with your friends or contacts.

Facebook Messenger now has a new feature that makes it possible to use dark mode in the app.

How to Download the Messenger App

You can get the Facebook Messenger app for free on the app store of the device that you are using. Follow the steps below;

  • Open the app store on your device and scroll through the apps displayed to find Messenger.
  • Or use the search box to search for the Messenger app.
  • Tap on the first result displayed on the result list.
  • Click on the green download button on the Facebook mobile messenger to download.

The app will be downloaded immediately if you have a good data connection from your service providers.

How to Sign in to Facebook Messenger App

 After installing the Facebook mobile messenger, open the messenger app and sign in with your Facebook account login details or you can use your mobile number. Follow the below steps to sign in.

  • If you already have a Facebook account, then the messenger app will automatically take the information on your Facebook account to sign you in or you can decide to sign in manually if you do not have the Facebook application installed or.
  • You can also sign in to the Facebook messenger with your mobile number.

Once you are done with filling the necessary details, you will be directed to your messenger account and you can start a conversation with your Facebook friends or contacts.

How to Start a Conversation on Messenger

Once you’re signed in to your messenger account, you can a conversation by hitting on the name of the person you’d like to chat with or the group you can to join in their conversation. You can start by sending a hello or an Emoji or type.