Netflix USA and Canada – Netflix tv Shows to Watch 2019 | Netflix Account

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Have you ever heard of the best TV shows and movies station in the USA? Well, then, in this article “Netflix USA and Canada” you are going to know the best station that offers the best TV series of all time. One of the best TV series platforms across the world is Netflix. This Netflix you see has been the talk of the town, because of the movies TV series and video it offers to people. Now the Netflix is a streaming service platform that enables users or customers of the platform to watch a wide variety of award-winning TV Shows, documentaries, movies and more on thousands of Internet-connected devices.

Netflix USA and Canada - Netflix tv Shows to Watch 2019 | Netflix Account

With Netflix, you can enjoy unlimited viewing of their content without having to watch any or a single commercial. On this platform, there are always new movies to be discovered and also more TV Shows, because they are added every month. Once you are a member on the Netflix platform you can pick your price, plan, because Netflix offers 3 membership plans in order to suit the member’s needs. Now your plan will determine how many people can stream Netflix content at once, and also whether you can view in a standard definition {SD}, high definition {HD}, or ultra-high definition {UHD}.  

Is Netflix in Other Countries – Netflix USA and Canada

Well yes, Netflix is available in over 190 countries across the world, so Netflix is not only in the USA. But know that the Netflix content in each country differs from the other. In order for the TV series and movies shown in the U.S. is not the same that is shown in Canada. So you can see that Netflix in each country has different TV shows and also movies. But I will like to tell you some of the countries the Netflix is available in.

  • Netflix is available in the United Kingdom.
  • Also in Germany.
  • You can find it in Finland.
  • Also in Australia.
  • The Netherlands is involved.
  • Also Sweden.
  • Denmark.
  • Canada.
  • Norway.
  • The United States.

These are some of the countries that you can find Netflix.

Some Netflix TV Shows – Netflix USA and Canada

Here are some Netflix TV shows in USA;

  • YOU.
  • Jessica Jones.
  • The crown.
  • Daredevil.s
  • Orange is the new black.
  • Russian Doll.
  • Stranger things.
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
  • BoJack Horseman.
  • Glow.
  • Arrested development.

These are some TV shows that are showed on Netflix.

Some Netflix Movies in the USA

I will tell you some of the movies that are been showed on Netflix in USA;

  • Malibu rescue.
  • The ballad of buster Scruggs.
  • Roma.
  • I am mother.
  • Mudbound.
  • Okja.
  • The silence.
  • Homecoming.
  • The perfect date.
  • See you yesterday.
  • Good Sam.
  • Fyre.
  • Gerald’s game.
  • Knock down the house.
  • Apostle.
  • 13th.
  • Rim of the world.

These are some movies that are shown on Netflix in the USA. Before you can watch these TV series or Movies online on Netflix, then you must sign up on the Netflix platform. Signing up will make you a member on Netflix and get access to the latest TV shows or movies online on Netflix.  Also, know that you can download the Netflix app in any of the app stores available on your device.

How to Sign Up On Netflix

For you to sign up on Netflix, read and follow the steps below;

  • Go to the Netflix website,
  • Now click “try 30 days free”.
  • You can now choose your plan.
  • After you have chosen your plans, create your account.
  • By entering your email and password, then click continue.
  •  Now enter a payment method so you won’t miss a single episode when your free trial is over or ends.
  • After that, that’s it you can now stream on.

This is how to create an account on Netflix, but you can cancel your free trial at any time during the 30 days trial given to you so you will never be charged. If you don’t cancel then your account will be charged until your free trials end. You will be sent a reminder email three days before your free trial ends to ensure that you are still enjoying Netflix. You will be billed once a month on the date that you originally signed up.