When we hear the term ‘Netflix US’ or see it rather we should not get confused as it is basically meaning the same thing as Netflix USA. Netflix Us simply means US Netflix. Furthermore, it simply means the Netflix programs and library that is unique and available to the US or the united states of America, the USA for short. We all know that this platform is the best and most used online movie streaming platform around the globe. No doubt about that. We also know that the platform is available in over 170 countries worldwide.

Netflix US | How to Access American Netflix

Not only is it available in over 170 countries, Netflix’s library in the countries it is available on, is different. This simply means that the movies and TV series on this platform varies on different regions. In other words, the US movies and TV series library is different from Netflix uk movies and TV series library. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you anymore as you now know about it.

Is Netflix Us Free

Is Netflix us free? This is a question that was once asked by a Netflix user that is not situated in the U.S region. The operation of this platform around the globe is pretty much the same. The only thing that varies is the libraries. There are even some movies and TV series that can be found on all Netflix’s platform around the globe. Now to answer the question above. Netflix US is not free. There is no special package in the US that offers to stream for free. The only package that can give you free streaming on the Netflix platform is the 30 days free trial period for new users. This package is not just only available in the US but it is also available in all platforms around the globe.

How to Access this Platform

Accessing the US platform is easy. Once you are a registered user in the United States of America region, then you have unlimited access to all Netflix US has to offer. But you can also access this platform if you are in another region. For this to be possible there are things to do. Like I said it is easy, but only if you know how. The only way to do this successfully is with a VPN. Follow the steps below to access American Netflix;

  1. You firstly need to download and install a VPN.
  2. Connect to a server in your country.
  3. On the site, log in if you aren’t logged in and select your content.

There are some settings you still have to set up. But they shouldn’t give you a problem. With the steps above you should be able to watch American Netflix from any region. It is important that you should know this. You need an account in order to access American Netflix library from your region.