Can I create a Free Netflix account or how can I get a free trial with Netflix? Questions like this usually pop up whenever someone tries to get a free Netflix account but all to no success. For new members, Netflix offers members a free trial plan where they can use Netflix unlimited for a particular period of Netflix. During the upgrowth of Netflix, the platform introduces the 1-month free trial plan where you can enjoy Netflix for a whole full month without paying. Learn how to sign up for a free Netflix account.

Netflix Trial - Can I Sign Up for a Netflix Free Trial

Currently, when talking about the biggest streaming services, Netflix appears as top of the chart has the biggest online streaming services where you can watch movies and tv series worldwide. According to reports Netflix is a subscription based online streaming services where registered members have access to stream tv shows and moves on any internet connect-devices. Based on the series of plan offers by Netflix, you can stream Netflix on multiple devices. The Netflix free trial is among the plan offered where you can access unlimited movies and tv shows for free which is approximately one-month and you won’t be charge for that month.

Is Netflix Free Trial Available

First of all, there are countries that have access to the free trial and others doesn’t. But the fact still remains that Netflix free trial is still available but in some countries. As of now, Netflix free trials has been canceled. Meaning, that, free trial on Netflix is no longer available for new or existing users. But there are attractive plans offered by Netflix at a cheaper rate.

Netflix Plans

The fact that Netflix doesn’t offer people with 30-day free streaming service doesn’t mean you have to cancel out the interesting movies and tv series on Netflix. The Netflix plans are attractive and offers you unlimited movies and tv series streaming. The list of Netflix plans includes

Basic $8.99:

  • Good video quality
  • Resolution of 480p
  • Unlimited internet connecting devices

Standard $13.99

  • Better video quality
  • Resolution of 1080p
  • Unlimited internet connected device.

Premium $17.99

  • Best video quality
  • 4K+HDR resolution.
  • Unlimited Internet Connected devices.

Generally, all the Netflix plans includes access to change or cancel your subscription plan anytime, without videos without ads, and more. In other to get started, you can visit the website and select a preferable plan.

How to Sign up for Netflix Account

The requirement to create a Netflix account includes selecting a subscription pal, email address and also a payment method. Unlike when the Netflix free trial was available, you won’t be charge until you exhausted your free plan. right now, once you complete the registration, you’ll be charge. Therefore:

  • Go to website on your web browser.
  • Enter your email address and click Get Started in the middle of the page.
  • Select your Netflix Plan and click Continue.
  • Click Continue to set up your account.
  • Enter your email address and password to start your membership.

Finally, you can add your payment method to be charged for the service you’re using. Depending on the selected plan you can stream Netflix on multiple devices at the same time.