Netflix Streaming Movies List

The Netflix streaming movies list is a list containing Netflix contents that are ready and available for streaming. But here is the thing. Does Netflix have a streaming list? There isn’t really a list, ‘list’ of streaming contents. Don’t be surprised or confused about what I just said. I will be explaining myself shortly. Netflix as most of us who are active subscribers to the platform, or those who are not active but have knowledge of how the platform works, is a streaming platform. This is the basic form of their business. Although they (Netflix) started out as a DVD rental service industry it has gradually migrated to the business of network television over the years. But they are still in the DVD rental business.

Netflix Streaming Movies List - Netflix Contents

How to Access the Netflix Streaming Movies List

Are you new on the platform and you have been wondering how you can access the streaming list of this platform? Well, that’s one of the reasons am here. I will be putting you through the steps to follow in order to achieve this purpose. To access the streaming list of Netflix you need two things in particular. First of all you need you need an internet enabled device that is also Netflix compactible because not all devices can access Netflix. Secondly you need a Netflix account. Without a Netflix account you ought to know that you cannot access the Netflix platform. So therefore for you to access the Netflix streaming list you need to create a Netflix account today. To create a Netflix account, visit the official Netflix page to do so.

How to Create a Netflix Account

To create a Netflix account is easy, but only if you know how to. If you do not know how to create a Netflix account follow the steps am about to lay out to you carefully.

  1. On your device visit the official Netflix page at
  2. You will first choose a plan after clicking on the create account tab which is the first of three steps.
  3. After selecting your subscription plan click on continue.
  4. On the second step page you will be prompted to create your account with your email and password.
  5. After that, to finalize the whole process you will have to set up your payment method.

That’s all you need to create your very own Netflix account.