Just in case you are wondering what the Netflix series is, here’s a quick recap. It is a group of TV shows hosted and streamed on the Netflix platform. Netflix as a powerhouse in movie streaming has lots of categories. This feature, fortunately, is one of the categories of Netflix. Founded in 1997 Netflix has distributed a number of original series and programs. These series streamed on the streaming platform are categorized into two parts. The series streamed on this platform can either be original series or rather not original series. You might be wondering what the above mean. As we progress I will be explaining to you what it means. With this features category, you can stream interesting series all day long from your internet enabled device.

Netflix Series - How to Access Netflix Series

Netflix Original Series

This simply means shows created and driven by Netflix themselves. Although under this category of Netflix series, there is a twist. There are those other Netflix series which at first were not owned by Netflix, but were later continued by them. These series continued by Netflix were picked up from cable TVs. Below is a list of the top ten Netflix original series;

  1. Big mouth
  2. Bojack horse man
  3. Babylon berlin
  4. The end of the fucking world
  5. Narcos
  6. Orange is the new black
  7. Luke cage
  8. Glow
  9. The innocents
  10. Disenchantment

The list above compromises of the top ten series streaming on the Netflix platform.

Netflix Unoriginal Series

The Netflix unoriginal series, on the other hand, are series and shows that are not produced, driven and owned by Netflix but they are aired and streamed on the Netflix platform. Below is a list of the top ten unoriginal series on the Netflix platform;

  1. Ozark
  2. Stranger things
  3. Marvels the defenders
  4. Castlevania
  5. 13 reasons why
  6. House of cards
  7. Wet hot American summer: ten years later
  8. Marvels iron fist
  9. Mad men
  10. Breaking bad

These are the top ten unoriginal Netflix’s TV series to stream on the platform right now.

How to Access Netflix Series

Accessing this feature of netflix is easy. Before you can access it you need to have an account with the platform. To create a Netflix account, visit the official Netflix page online to do so. If you already have an account with the platform all you have to do is to log into your account. Immediately you loin you will gain unlimited access to this features category.

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