Netflix Logo

I know you might have come across the Netflix logo. This is not something that can just be overlooked, I mean. If you are an active user of the platform or an inactivate user you should have come across this a couple of times. Unfortunately, there are some people who do not know this. They might have seen the Netflix logo, but have no idea it is the Netflix logo. This might be due to the fact that they just don’t know or that the knowledge was there but they neglected or ignored it. This is called ignorance.

Netflix Logo - - Netflix Account

But to make this simpler and easier to understand I will be dissecting the topic above in two. The first being Netflix and the second being the logo.

What Is Netflix

Netflix is an American based online movie streaming platform. The platform first started out as a DVD rental service platform, but gradually shifted in to the online streaming industry. In this aspect of their business they aren’t doing badly either. Netflix is the biggest and largest online movie streaming platform. It can be found all over the globe. It has great benefits that make people want to continue making use of the platform.

What Is A Logo?

A logo is an emblem, symbol or a graphic mark that is used to promote recognition and public recognition. A logo can sometimes be a simple mark. This symbol or emblem includes every touch point or connection your company has with your customers. But most people always mistake or confuse a trademark and a logo. These two things are completely different.

A trademark includes company names, slogans, logos, and other designs that are used to identify and distinguish a company’s goods in its business trade, while the logo as I have established above is a graphic mark used to identify a business or company.

Characteristics of a Logo

There are some traits that make a logo or every logo stands out, below are some of the characteristics of a good logo;

  1. A good logo should be simple. For instance we have Netflix, Nike and so much more.
  2. It should be memorable and impactful.
  3. Also it should be both versatile and relevant.
  4. It should be scalable.

Every logo should communicate good brand values to its company customers. Although we shouldn’t forget the basic and main purpose of a logo is to identify.

Important Points to Note about the Netflix Logo

Just in case you do not have much knowledge on the Netflix logo, here are some;

  1. The signature color of Netflix is red.
  2. Its primary use of the Netflix logo is on grey background, while its secondary use is on black background.
  3. The only use for a white Netflix logo is in burn ins. This is the only situation where it is advisable to use it on other images.
  4. You should avoid using a white Netflix logo, except for a video watermark.
  5. Avoid using it in a sentence.
  6. Avoid placing the logo in a shape or a container.
  7. Do not rotate the Netflix logo.
  8. Do not use on busy backgrounds.

These are some of the important notes to put in consideration when it comes to the Netflix logo.