When you see this topic, the first thing that comes up to your mind is what is Netflix help? There are some users who know about the Netflix help function. But unfortunately, there are those who don’t know about it. I will be educating us on what the Netflix help feature really is in a few.

Netflix Help - How to Access the Netflix Help Feature

The Netflix help feature or function is a platform of Netflix that helps new Netflix users and subscribers get through the platform. As the name implies it helps them (new users) find their way through the whole platform. And the platform also helps existing users and subscribers too to navigate through the platform.

Importance of thi Feature

Just about anything concerning your Netflix account can be done and adjusted here. The platform is more like a customer care platform on its own. From login issues to subscriptions issues can be resolved here. And if you haven’t made use of this platform before, the help feature of Netflix can help you with the basic knowledge you need about Netflix. You can also engage in live chat sessions with Netflix agents.

How to Access the Netflix Help Feature or Function

I know that after reading about this help feature you would love to make use of it. To access Netflix help feature you have to visit their help online platform or you can either contact them via their customer care line. The Netflix customer service line is 888-638-3549.

To access the Netflix help function online, go to www.help.netflix.com on your device.

But before you can get access to this feature or function you need to have a valid Netflix account. In other words you need to be a registered user of the Netflix platform. If you do not have a Netflix account you need to create one today.

How to Create a Netflix Account

To create a Netflix account, follow the steps below;

  1. On your device visit the official page of Netflix at www.netflix.com
  2. Once on this page click on the success Netflix free for one month tab.
  3. On the next page you will have to complete the first stage of three stages in total to complete the whole Netflix sign up process.
  4. On the second page which is the next you will have to create your own Netflix account with your email address and your own generated password.
  5. Lastly you will have to fill out your means of payment, In other words your payment method.

To successfully complete the whole process click on the start membership tab. That’s all you need to create your account to gain access to the Netflix help feature.