Are you looking for a way to make use of the Netflix free trial period? Look no further because this is what this article is all about. But before I go properly into the Netflix free trial feature of the Netflix platform, let’s go a bit down memory lane. What is Netflix? It’s quite unfortunate that most people still do not know what Netflix is. In fact, it is a shameful situation we find ourselves in.  It’s no news that all over the globe people have unlimited access to TVs.

Netflix Free Trial - How to Get a Free Trial of Netflix | Netflix Free Trial Sign up

They also get access to network televisions and cable televisions too. So when someone says he or she doesn’t know about Netflix or hasn’t heard about Netflix, am shocked. Netflix as well all know is an online movie streaming platform that was founded in the United States of America. It also has its headquarters there. Although it has offices all over the globe. That’s just how big this platform is. It is one of the various network television platforms we have in the world today. So again when anyone tells me he or she doesn’t know about Netflix, I still do not believe.

What Is the Netflix Trial?

The Netflix free trial is a Netflix feature. This is one of the features that I can boldly say has been used by every Netflix active user. Here’s how it works. This feature is reserved specially for new customers. Once you complete your whole Netflix sign up process you will be given a 30 day free trial period. During this period the said user is free to access all of Netflix and its features. This feature can also be cancelled during the 30 day period. It is important that you know that once the free trial period is over you will start subscribing to the platform. This means that you won’t be charged for the first month of your Netflix account creation.  But will be charged after this period. You will even be reminded by Netflix three days before your trial ends.

How to Access the Netflix Free Trial

You do not need much in accessing this feature. Before you can gain access you must have made up your mind on creating a Netflix account. So therefore to start your Netflix 30 day free trial visit the official Netflix page on your device at to sign up. Once done with the whole sign up process on Netflix you can now start streaming your favorite contents all for free.

This is done so that you as a user won’t have any interruption in transition and service after the free trial period. Netflix sends authorization requests to your specified financial institution to make sure your payment method works. These requests are not charges just to be clear, but they may sometimes temporarily affect your available account balance. The Free trial period availability and duration may vary by region.