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Netflix Free Movies

‘Netflix free movies’ is a function of the Netflix platform in general. The number of persons subscribing to the Netflix platform is lesser than the number of persons subscribing to the platform. Netflix has come up with a system of attracting users to the platform. Mind you there are no free movies on the Netflix platform. But Netflix offers a 30 day free trial period to new subscribers. During this period users or new subscribers can watch all the free movies they can watch. But after that, they will need to subscribe to the platform in order to continue with the service as the 30 days free trial period tends to end on the 31st day.

Netflix Free Movies - Netflix Account

Netflix as we all might have known by now is an ad free platform. This simply means that watching and streaming of movies on this platform involves no commercials. There are some people who have been misled to thinking that Netflix has a business model which offers uses fee ongoing viewing in exchanging for watching advertisements. Trust me when I tell you this once again. The platform is completely ad free. There are no ads of any kind to be found on the platform. One of the main reasons you subscribe to this platform is this. You get the privilege of not getting interrupted with any unwanted commercials.

How to Access Netflix Free Movies

Like I have established before there are no free movies on the Netflix platform. in other words you cannot watch and stream Netflix’s contents for free. Although if you have not made use of the platform before you can access free movies on Netflix. But it can only be for 30 days which is equivalent to one month. So therefore if you know you haven’t made use of this platform before or you know you do not have a registered account with the platform, create your own account today. To create your account visit the official Netflix page at to create your account. You will have to complete a three step process in order to successfully create your account.

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